5 Habits That Can Affect Your Appearance

If you’re battling zits, have noticed the development of fine lines and wrinkles, or suffer from hair loss or drab locks, you might feel eager to restore your looks.

While aging, hormones, and genetics might be to blame for the above issues, your lifestyle choices and everyday actions could affect your complexion or features.

Here are five habits that may affect your appearance and the best solutions.

1. Using the Wrong Shampoo & Conditioner

Most people care more about a product’s promises than its ingredients. However, it’s vital to learn about the chemicals in your favorite shampoo and conditioners, especially if you’re struggling with hair loss.

Some shampoos and conditioners feature sodium laureth sulfate, a foaming chemical. Found in many hair products, it can damage a person’s hair and skin. For instance, it may cause a decrease in the hair growth cycle, prolonging the hair loss phase. Read the ingredients list before picking up a bottle of shampoo or conditioner to protect your hair.

2. Drinking Through a Straw

Many people use straws to protect their teeth when drinking. However, you might be unaware that using a straw can cause fine lines and wrinkles to form around your mouth. Maintain a younger complexion by ditching the straw and drinking from a glass or cup. If you’re worried about your teeth, brush them straight after a beverage or drink water afterward to reduce acid.

3. Smoking Cigarettes

Do you often appear pale or have sagging or wrinkled skin? Smoking cigarettes could be to blame for your dull or aging complexion. As tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, and many are carcinogenic, it can damage collagen and elastin in the skin while depriving it of oxygen and nutrients.

If you’re worried about cigarette smoke damaging your appearance, vaping might be a better alternative. Find the best vape juice and kits to make the switch and transform your smoking experience.

4. Applying Makeup

Many people apply makeup to look and feel attractive and confident each day. Yet, regular use of various beauty products can damage your looks in the long term. The likes of foundation, bronzers, and blushers will clog the skin, which can cause skin breakouts. 

Also, if you apply or blend makeup or creams using your fingers, you could transfer bacteria to your face, which may lead to unwanted zits or an infection. For this reason, you must give your skin a break from makeup products occasionally and use an alcohol hand sanitizer before applying makeup with your fingers to maintain your natural beauty.

5. Drinking Too Much Milk

Do you love nothing more than a big glass of milk? While the occasional glass is good for your calcium levels and can support healthy bones and teeth, too much can damage your skin.

If you drink too much milk each day, its androgens may trigger your active oil gland function that will produce excess sebum. As a result, it can cause clogged pores and the appearance of tired, greasy skin or acne.

If you are concerned about your appearance, consider the points above. 

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