How Bitcoin is changing the online gambling industry

By Vedwik
May 26, 2022

Online gambling is big business, following a path of innovation and adapting to new technology. Its growth rate is impressive. In 2003, for example, global revenue from online gambling was €6.6 billion, but in 2014 it rose to €32.5 billion.

The vast majority of transactions at online casinos today are in major international currencies such as USD, GBP, and EUR, but more and more people are starting to use the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. This niche is so competitive that not even the industry leaders can afford to stand still and resist change. Still, however, online casinos cannot completely ignore the growing popularity of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is already being used by people around the world to buy goods and make financial transactions and is now starting to enter the world of gambling as well. Let’s look into Bitcoin opportunities with BestAuCasinosOnline.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital cash that gives you the ability to send money around the world instantly, anonymously, and with minimal fees.

Bitcoin is not controlled by any government in the world, is not issued by any bank, and is only managed by users. This means that there are only two parties involved in the transaction: the sender and the receiver. Once you have mastered Bitcoin, sending and receiving money is as quick and easy as sending an email.

What are the Benefits of Using Bitcoin?

One of the main advantages of using Bitcoin is a high degree of anonymity – the same as using cash, compared to purchasing with a credit or debit card.

Another unique feature that allows users to instantly know whether or not a crypto casino Australia is using Bitcoin technology is the provable fairness of the game. One of the reasons why some of the larger casinos have started accepting Bitcoin is that players can now fully realize their benefits. Not only does Bitcoin allow players to make quick deposits and withdrawals with complete anonymity, but the cryptocurrency has also become a driving force behind a fairer gambling industry.

Blockchain may be used by gaming sites to ensure that the casino has no way of knowing the outcome of an event before it occurred. Instead of questioning the fairness of online casinos and inundating gaming forums with complaints about unfair GCF, players can now be confident that the casino is treating them properly.

In many ways, Bitcoin is a quick and easy way to transfer money between two parties. Through the use of virtual wallets, QR codes, and NFC, funds can be transferred with minimal effort and in real-time.

That’s why one of the most coveted features of Bitcoin is its instant transaction speed at a comparable level of protection to payment methods such as credit cards or PayPal. With Bitcoin, in particular, players will enjoy protection against prying eyes at instant transaction speed. This, combined with other features such as low transaction costs (typically no more than a couple of cents, regardless of transaction size) and a 24/7 mode of operation, gives Bitcoin an undeniable advantage.

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About the Hybrid Casino

Hybrid casinos are sites that accept various cryptocurrencies, but also allow players to use other payment methods. They get more options in terms of deposits. But there’s another big advantage when it comes to cashing out your money. Since you can buy Bitcoins in any currency and then exchange them later for the hybrid casino currency, this gives you maximum freedom and speed in getting through your payments. With this, you no longer have to keep your money in the casino, and bitcoin withdrawals are instant and commission-free: users simply send money to the casino’s Bitcoin account, and if they win, they immediately receive the bet + winnings into their Bitcoin account. This way, you will always have full control of your money.

Online Casinos: Hotbeds of Innovation 

Online gambling industry leaders have long resisted the idea of moving to Bitcoin, and now most casinos still do not allow players to deposit in cryptocurrency. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to operate the old way, as they risk losing existing customers who will be forced to switch casinos due to the conservatism of their favorite casino. Therefore, even the most conservative online casinos are now considering at least experimenting with cryptocurrencies.

For example, some major gambling sites do not currently accept Bitcoin yet, but it would be surprising if they weren’t considering introducing it as a payment method in the future. On the other hand, there are already plenty of gambling sites that use Bitcoin, such as the popular Satoshi Dice. These gaming sites have already proven that working with Bitcoin is reliable and profitable.

Bitcoin is now recognized as a currency in most countries around the world, and the highest court in Europe has actually recognized Bitcoin as a genuine currency. This has happened because of the large number of people who use Bitcoin, which is not surprising as there are top technologies that make it easier to use.

Online casinos that have made the necessary adjustments are now benefiting greatly from the influx of customers mainly from countries where gambling is banned. Local authorities in such countries have very little ability to influence online casinos that use cryptocurrencies to circumvent anti-gambling laws in those countries.

The use of Bitcoin will only grow, increasing the likelihood that the cryptocurrency will start to be used by reputable gaming sites, the leaders of the online gambling industry. The ability to give their players the security, reliability, and convenience of transactions makes the use of cryptocurrency too tempting to pass up on Bitcoin. Especially when you consider that these sites already accept payment in multiple currencies, such as GBP, USD, or EUR, it would not be technically difficult for them to add another payment method.We also review online casinos for players from Canada, so you can check BestAuCasinosOnline.

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