How Do I Get Rid of Mosquitoes in My House Naturally?

March 5, 2024

If you attract mosquitoes like a magnet, you’ve probably had enough of scratching and bouncing your skin. Mosquito bites can be the worst, and they can ruin any outdoor activity during the summer. Each year, a large portion of the population searches for mosquito control methods because of the potential health risks posed by these pests. Malaria, dengue, and yellow fever are just a few deadly diseases these pests can spread. But the reality is that killing mosquitoes may not be necessary. To rid your residence of pesky mosquitoes, you can use a number of natural strategies. Alternatively, you can also check for pest control services that can help you eliminate mosquitoes. 

Need for Natural Repellents

A human’s susceptibility to mosquito bites is typically triggered by a combination of smell, exposure, humidity, and temperature. Several mosquito species favor human bacteria and perspiration, while carbon dioxide and some body odors might entice the others. Irrespective of the mosquito type that may haunt your house, there can always be a natural alternative to DEET-based chemical repellents. In fact, DEET blends are preferable only for those who find themselves at an elevated risk of mosquito-borne diseases.

Here in this guide, we provide 6 such effective natural methods which you can give a try this coming summer:

Get Rid of Water Puddles

A female mosquito will lay her eggs in stagnant water, which might eventually become home to the mosquito larvae. Hence, what can be done to prevent the emergence of mosquito larvae? It’s advisable to eliminate all pools of standing water and steer clear of them long-term. Keep your pets’ water, and food dishes topped off and refreshed periodically. Drain any standing water from containers, ditches, and spouts. Also, ensure there is adequate drainage for your houseplants in their tubs.

Scented Candles and Incense

Candles and incense scented with herbs or essential oils are highly efficient at repelling mosquitoes. However, you need not utilize every one of them. There is a wide selection of potent fragrances on the market; pick the ones that you like most. Introducing something like this would be the ideal method for ridding your home of mosquitoes while also giving it a pleasant and refreshing vibe.

Grow Pest-Repelling Plants

The powerful fragrance of certain plants can be used to ward off mosquitoes. So, you may also grow plants like mint, sage, and thyme in tubs. These plants not only repel mosquitoes but may also be used to garnish your meals and help extend nature indoors. They may thrive in the bright sunlight through your windows while keeping mosquitoes out of your home.

Garlic Spray

Sulfur from garlic is effective against not only mosquitoes but also flies and ticks. Furthermore, mosquitoes are no match for garlic juice either. To use it at home, simply smash a few garlic cloves and mix them with sufficient water. After soaking for a few hours, you can apply this solution by spraying it all around your residence. Those with a strong stomach and who can tolerate the odor of garlic can try this approach.


It has been found that camphor is an excellent mosquito deterrent. Just drop a tablet or two of camphor into a tub of water (away from kids and pets) in order to evaporate by themselves and change the water periodically. When you need to act immediately, you may burn a few of these tablets for up to 25 minutes. Simply ensure all the doors and openings are secured and evacuate the room. The strong camphor odor will repel mosquitoes, and it should have that effect for some time.


Essential oils like citronella are widely used as mosquito repellent because of their inherent effectiveness. It is a herb mixture used as an active ingredient in numerous insect repellents. Citronella candles can add up to a whopping 50% more mosquito defense to your time spent outside. An appropriately composed blend can provide protection for about two hours. Inadequately formulated citronella can dissipate too soon to provide enough protection. To further repel mosquitoes from your outdoor space, invest in a few citronella plants and position them strategically. The effort to neutralize mosquitoes should be greatly aided by their use.

Eliminating mosquitoes could appear to be an overwhelming challenge. Still, if you have a few simple supplies and some ingenious ideas, you can rid your house of mosquitoes quite swiftly. Scientific evidence strongly suggests that mosquitoes can be deterred using just natural compounds. This is encouraging news for those who want to limit their contact with harmful substances, particularly kids and pregnant women. Keeping yourself protected from mosquito bites can be fun while you mix and match different elements to make your own custom all-natural mosquito repellent.

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