How to Attack Correctly in FIFA 23. Secrets of Fast and Tricky Goals in a Football Simulator

FIFA 23 is the sequel to the popular sports simulation series where players enter online mode and fight against other players for the right to advance in the division and become one of the top 100 online football players in the world.

You can also play offline and hone your skills thereby leading your team to victory in the championship and the Champions League or Europe.

Each player, getting into the online component of FIFA 23, receives his first set of players, from which the first squad for starting games and promotion in the division will be formed.

Starting players depend on luck, and you can improve your initial potential by investing coins in additional silver and gold sets to get strong performers.

To do this, follow the link – and specify the number of coins you want to purchase. An employee of the store will contact you and discuss the terms of the transfer. The transaction is carried out in compliance with all safety rules, and the service gives a guarantee of a refund in case of disputes.

Attack in football

Attacking football involves constant pressure on the opponent’s defenders and midfielders, playing hard pressing, passing, and attacking the flanks to score goals.

In an attack, the initiative is important – either you attack or hold the defense. Playing defensively is difficult and very mentally draining, as you just take the hit and sooner or later miss your first and possibly not only match if you don’t know how to coolly transition from defense to attack.

The attack allows you to control the situation on the field and constantly exhaust the enemy defenders, forcing them to spend energy on pressing, which will lead to their mistakes.


For attacks, the classical scheme is usually used:

  • 4-3-3 is the most common pattern. The main game falls on the midfielders, who always interact with the forwards and playback with the defenders when necessary.
  • 4-4-2 – The emphasis is also on midfield and keeping the center of the field and building up the flanks.

Wing Play

One of the key attack strategies is flank attacks. To implement it, you need fast full-backs and midfield. The strategy will require breakthrough attacks in which you risk almost nothing, it will be difficult for the opponent to intercept the ball and not knock it out of the field due to play along the sidelines.

The flanks are easily interchanged by sheds in the case of rebuilding the enemy and paying attention to only one direction. Often in football, such situations lead to a 1v1 exit in another part of the field.


The constant exchange of the ball between partners is very exhausting for the opponent’s defenders because they need to constantly adapt to the situation and spend energy on constant pressure.

The task of your team is to keep the ball and move to the enemy goal. Be especially careful when exchanging the ball with a defender so as not to get an accidental interception from a fast enemy forward.

For the rest – act confidently and quickly, practice hits and one-touch passes – that is, without processing, and learn to turn on the player not at the moment the ball hits him, but even at the stage of planning a pass or hit. To do this, change the player evenly at the moment of impact and reduce the distance with the ball, or hit forward for a move.

Practice Crosses and Straight Punches

Often, when playing offensively, you will be pressed by opponents and will lose the ball or earn free kicks.

To get out of the pressure, you will need crosses – these are top kicks in which you will transfer the ball to your teammates instead of losing it. This will save the ball and not solve issues with counterattacks and loss of initiative.

Direct kicks are needed in the case of a free kick, or in situations where you understand that you are about to lose the ball, but you have the opportunity to shoot directly at the goal and either check the goalkeeper or score a goal. Throw force in the orange range – it is enough to break through the goalkeeper in an accurate shot. The green zone will be blocked by the defenders, the yellow zone will be stopped by the goalkeeper, the orange zone can also be intercepted, but the chance is lower, and finally, the red zone is guaranteed to fly out of the field and the best thing you can do is catch a rebound and earn a corner kick.

Free kicks should be taken with the same principle of strength, but consider the distance – you are unlikely to score from the center of the field, but in all positions closer – you can try.

If you have earned a free kick near the opponent’s penalty area – hit boldly, but stick to the edge of the yellow and the beginning of the orange zone of the strength scale, otherwise, the ball will either be taken or fly out of the field.


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