Tips on Choosing a Pet ID Tag

January 23, 2023

Purchasing a Pet ID tag is similar to purchasing insurance: you do it with the earnest hope of never needing it. But you should shop for unique dog id tags or any pet so that your pet feels more secure and you can find him easily if it is lost. The “potential cost” of not having a pet ID tag is higher than the “actual cost” of purchasing a pet tag. Every member of the family has a social security number, a birth certificate, and some identification.

So, why isn’t your pet wearing one? Please, get your dog an ID tag. It could save their life one day!

What Should Your Pet’s ID Tags Say? Do’s and Don’ts

Every day at Made By Cleo, we engrave many pet ID tags. Consequently, we’ve learned just as much about what NOT to include as we have about what SHOULD be included on a unique pet ID tag. 

Finally, you must strike a balance between providing the appropriate amount of information on an ID tag and ensuring that the overall readability is not compromised. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when determining what to put on your pet’s ID tag:

It’s All About the Size

The more text there is, the more our engraving machines will automatically reduce the font size of the text to fit it all. As a result, cramming the equivalent of a novel onto your pet’s new ID tag will sacrifice legibility. Bottom line: When dealing with a smaller canvas, every extra letter you add reduces the text’s visibility and readability. Keep the content to a bare minimum.

Prioritize your Information – Not All Details are Equal

1. The most crucial piece of information is your phone number. Your phone number is the one item that must be included on your pet’s identification tag. Your pet’s name is even secondary if he or she goes missing and is discovered.

2. Including your street address is optional, although it might be useful. It’s helpful to have your address on an ID tag in case your pet is found by someone a few homes down or someone who knows the neighborhood. Even so, you may provide them with your address as soon as they contact or text you, so this information is optional (see above).


Everyone should buy pet ids for their pet because the safety of your pet should be your first priority. As well as, Split the information between the front and back of your tag if you need to include a few extra pieces of information. You could, for example, put your pet’s name and phone number on the front of the tag and your address on the back. 

Note: Unless it’s only a name and phone number, we recommend not attempting to jam all of the information on the same side. As a result, all of the text becomes unreasonably tiny. For the greatest results in terms of readability and overall good design, consider spreading the information over the front and back.

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