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May 31, 2022

Project management can be defined as the art and skill of managing a project along with the proper orientation of goals and activities, maximization of profit, minimization of loss improvement over previous and presenting threads, risks, etc., and efficient and successful completion of the project. Organization hire professionals in order to manage the project properly, focusing on the areas like risk management, threat detection, profit maximization, resource allocation, time management, quality of product coordination among the team members, etc. thus, there have been lately emerging several courses and certifications regarding project management that testify the project managing skills of the individual and make it easier on the part of the organization while hiring. 

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The various certifications and courses regarding project management are mentioned below:-

1. PMP: – It stands for Project Management Professional. This an uphill course with a stringent syllabus and quite vast concepts. This is accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It focuses mainly on the management of time, cost, and scope of a project to be managed. The weak spots are identified and eliminated, ensuring a successful project. The course and certification cost around $400 – $500.

2. CAPM: – It is the acronym for Certified Associate In Project management. This is also one CAPM certification that requires a lot of perspiration along with several requirements. Yet, it is one of the highly coveted certifications due to its tremendous opportunities for mere beginners.

3. CSM: – This is the certification for Certified Scrum Master. A CSM certified individual understands the principles and methods of Scrum as well as Agile project management and possesses skills for their application for the smooth running of a project. A CSM individual is usually chosen to be the team leader as he or she possesses enough outstanding qualities to become a servant leader.

4. CompTIA Project+:- along with a common Venn with that of the concepts covered in CAPM, CompTIA Project+ also includes feedback and review oriented improvements from the clients, etc.

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5. PMI – ACP: – This certification is also known as the Agile Certified Practitioner. It is headed by the PMI and focuses on the knowledge, use, and applicability of agile techniques in project management. An agile practitioner believes in dividing the task into small groups or individuals for an increase in efficiency and decrease in the defect. Tools like 5S, Gemba, kanban, scrum ban, SAFe, XP, etc., are the main expertise of ACP-certified individuals.

6. PRINCE2:- It is the short form for Projects IN Controlled Environment and is a globally accepted certification in project management. It is generally based on the life cycle management of a project.

7. CPD: – it is the acronym for Certified Project Director. 

8. CPM –IAPM: – It stands for Certified Project Manager. This is also a globally recognized certification in the arena of project management.

9. PPM: – Professional in Project management. This is the course where the trainees are taught the theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the skills required to manage a project.

10. MPM: – Master Project management. It is an additional level of certifications for the experienced lot of project managers that have a huge knowledge of project management in store for gaining those additional gems in their resume.

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11. APM: – it stands for Associate in Project management. This is a type of entry-level certification that deals with the knowledge areas of general project management like risk-taking, defect detection, etc. it is also a globally accepted certification.

12. CPMP: – Certified Project management Practitioner. It mainly focuses on the concepts of post-disaster management and recovery strategies of a project.

13. CSSBB: – Certified Six Sigma Black Belt. Headed by the ASQ, it is one of the levels of certifications of Six Sigma project management that is applicable to people without experience.

14. CSSGB: – Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. This is a Six Sigma certification for individuals with some years of experience.

15. PMC: – Project management Certificate. It focuses on planning, initiation, execution, evaluating, monitoring, and termination of a project.

16. BYOP (Business Oriented Project Manager):- This certification’s syllabus is based on agile concepts of project management.

17. GPM – IPMA levels A-D: – this certification is issued by Gesellschaft ProjektManagement. IPMA stands for International Project management Association.

The above are a few best project management certifications and courses popular in 2020.

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