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Want A Girlfriend? Here Is How You Can Get One

If you are a single man and now want someone to share your life with, it’s time to begin the hunt for a girlfriend. Men usually find it very difficult to find girlfriends, but it is not hard, they are just doing it all wrong. To win the heart of a girl, your approach should be right. You need to join places like clubs, classes, and meetings where you can meet women, and when you come across a girl whom you find compatible and the girl likes you back, it’s time to impress her by looking your best, showing your manners, and talking to her. Let’s start knowing the ways which can help you impress girls and ultimately find a girlfriend. But make sure, you should not rush into things, it’s all about feelings, and you will find the right one at the right time.

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How to Get a Girlfriend: A Practical Approach

Control Your Desperation

Tame the horses of your dreams as becoming a stud is not the only thing to focus upon. Don’t put all your energy and effort into making a girlfriend. Don’t only talk to women when you need something in return. There is only one way to get closer to women, and that is; understand them. Don’t rush into things and the more you look less interested the more women will find you attractive. Girls usually fall for guys who show less interest in relationships, this turns-on them really well.
Those guys, who put everything in pleasing girls, often end up looking creepy and clingy. But the men who care less about impressing people, especially women, seem irresistible to women.
Women do have very strong intuition games and if they find a guy having too much inclination towards them, they start feeling suffocated. Also, women do admire challenging men, men with opinions, and men who take their stand when about their agreements.
In a nutshell, if you keep running behind women, they will keep running.

Strike Up a Casual Conversation

We all know the fact that women love talking and sharing their things running in their minds. Try to start with something regular like, “the day is hot” or “this thing is fantastic” etc. Small talks create long roads of conversation. Whatever you are planning to say should be scene-specific so you both don’t end up with the weird silence. Only an engaging conversation in which both can give their input can lead to fruitful results. So, to make a girl fall in love with you, talking is the key.
There is a pro-tip, don’t sound like a casanova. The conversation should sound realistic and interesting. If you feel the vibe, keep talking, and listen to everything she has to say. This will help you know her and find more topics to talk about.
A gentleman always knows the words to use while talking to a woman. Make sure you filter everything you speak because the lady is going to judge your personality on the ground of words you utter. Using compliments in between can help, but don’t go extra and try to keep it subtle.
After a few minutes, check if she is also equally enjoying the conversation or just talking for the sake of formality. If you don’t feel that she is very interested, slip out at the moment and try to talk later.

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Ask Her Out

If you feel the conversations are really great with her and she seems kind of enjoying your talks, it’s time to ask her out. You need to be careful while doing this as directly asking for a date can be quite extra, hence try to ask her for something she’s interested in. Like if she loves coffee, tell her about the best place to know and ask her to visit with you. Or, if she is a sports fan, you can ask her to accompany you to a match or something. This is the best move to make, and you will sound very natural.
Even if you are meeting a random girl and you want to meet her again, don’t just go and ask her to be your date. Just follow the step “strike up a conversation” then make a date. You can ask her to join you over lunch or Coffee or anything nice you can figure out at the moment. And, if she agrees to meet you again, make sure to be the best company she ever had. She should see a friend in you if you want to take things on another level.

Make Her Feel Special

On the date, you get the best time to make a space in her heart. Be a gentleman, pull the chair for her, treat her nicely, pay attention to every detail of her, listen to her carefully, and be extra polite. Some best points to consider on the first date are:

  1. Don’t just stick to your phone. Put the phone away and focus your attention on your date
  2. Ask her things, reply to her statements, pay attention to small details, get into the topic, and look interested in chatting with her.
  3. Look directly into her nice and always keep an admiring look on your face.
  4. Ask things about her life, how she is doing, and what she actually likes.
  5. Don’t forget to compliment her. Praise her eyes, her smile, outfit, and the things you like about her.
  6. Let her know why you like her and what attracted you towards her. Let her know about her intelligence, sweetness, and personality. Don’t even think of using any mean word, no matter how comfortable she makes you.
  7. Recall the things you liked when you first saw her, like how her hair was tied, the color of the dress, or anything that let her think, you noticed her literally.

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Make a Plan for the Second Date at the End

Tell her about how amazing you feel with her and how well the date was. Then, let her know you would like to meet her again. Drop her home, if you can’t tell her to message you when she reaches home. Also, call her or text her when you both leave and tell her about you like her company. Say:

  1. I’d love to take you out again.”
  2. Plan the date when she is comfortable and doesn’t sound too pushy. Go with her convenience.
  3. You can even wait for a few days to actually go for a second date

Spend Time on Her to Help Your Relationship Grow

Giving her personal time is very important. The more you give her time, the more you can know and understand each other. Don’t text out of the blue, you have to be regular with things, talk to her daily, and use social media to interact and hang out together as much as you can. If you are in the same office or college, you must sit with her and talk about her whenever you get time. Few considerable things are:

  1. Before you officially propose to her to be your girlfriend, make sure you guys have spent enough time together. Don’t rush, you need to be patient enough.
  2. Talking and texting is a great way to establish a connection if you are really forward to this relationship.

Propose Her to Be Your Girlfriend

When it comes to proposing, you have to be confident and committed. So, first, take her to a place where you both can talk comfortably. Tell her how much you like her and you will be the happiest person if she accepts your proposal.
You can say “I love to be with you, and I think it’s time that we make this official. Will you be my girlfriend?”
If you are a shy person and can’t ask her to be your girlfriend in person, you can simply text her about your feelings. You can say “ I am having a great time with you/ time flies so fast when I am with you, and I really want to make it official. Will you be my girlfriend?”
If she accepts your proposal, you are set. Now you can move your relation the way you two want to.

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What If She Says “No”?

If she rejects your proposal, it’s natural to feel terrible, you may even feel angry, but anger is the biggest mistake you could make. You need to respect her decision. Keep in mind that she had no intentions to hurt you, she may just like you as a friend. Be grateful, and accept whatever she says. Show your support and respect to her answer:
You can reply by saying, “I understand. Thanks for being honest with me.”
If you don’t feel comfortable, get yourself a walk, or share your feelings with someone you can trust. And, do some activities to engage your mind and finally move on.

Few Additional Tips For Getting A Girlfriend: Look Attractive To Women:

Always Try To Look Your Best

For looking great, it is not necessary to incorporate the fancy brands/clothes to your closet. You just need to wear clothes that you like and suit your personality. Just make sure whatever you are wearing is in the best condition. Pick the clothes that reflect your personality; chunkiness is not required. You can be simple and stylish at the same time. Wear everything with confidence and be comfortable in your skin.

  1. Never worry about the body-type, you are just amazing the way you are.
  2. Your casual t-shirt and jeans, button-up shirts and pants or pastels or floral prints, everything is great in its own way. Just know how to carry yourself.
  3. If you love a team or sport, you can wear a shirt featuring sports jerseys.

Follow Good Hygiene

Men (or women) with poor hygiene are the most unattractive ones. To look appealing, your hygiene is very important. Bath daily, wear clean clothes and shoes, brush daily, maintain personal hygiene, use deodorant so that you can confidently walk across the crowd. Girls really appreciate the men who take care of their grooming and personal hygiene.

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Indulge In Fun Activities or Your Hobbies

You need to explore your hobbies. Give yourself a time of pleasure and enjoying by doing something fun. This will indeed make you an interesting person. If you are a fitness freak, you can join gym/Yoga, people with music interest can join guitar classes, guys who prefer intellect over anything can enroll themselves in art and literature classes.
Note: even if you are in a relationship, make sure you follow your hobbies and involve in social activities, this is a key to a healthy relationship. 

Enjoy Your Own Company

You should be comfortable with being alone. If you keep looking for a company, this will make you look needy and desperate who can’t put his life together. Make sure you don’t need anyone to make you happy, you should be in charge of your happiness. Be a happy single, if you want a happy relationship. Your relationship should not be the only important thing to you. You should spend time with your friends, talk to people at work and talk to all girls you know (talk not flirt).  People only get attracted to a person who seems happy with his life the way it is.

Meet More and More Girls

You can use dating apps, or ask your friends to set some meets ups for you. You should also attend group get-togethers so that you can meet more ladies.
Even, you can use your social account to connect with girls. Comment on girls’ pictures, and reply to their comments. send requests to girls with whom you have common friends. You can even get a girlfriend on Facebook. There are many other ways to find eligible ladies, never feel low about that.

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Offer Help to Girls

Helping men always look attractive. If you do a favor to a girl, this will totally create a soft corner for you in her heart. If you find a girl struggling with anything, assist her to accomplish the task and she will surely admire your generosity. If she allows you to help her, you can introduce yourself to her later on.
You can say: “Hi, I am Jack, how are you doing?”
If you find her unwilling to reply or start a conversation, don’t push her. If she just says thanks and nothing else, say “You’re Welcome” and leave the place.

Use Sense of Humor as a Tool

Girls admire the guys with a great sense of humor. So men who are funny, crack jokes and tell fun stories make girls fall for them. If you are not quite into “Joking”, learn some jokes or funny slang from the internet and show off to impress the girls. You can even share funny incidents you have witnessed or just use your wit to craft jokes. But make sure, your joke doesn’t hurt anyone, and don’t get confused between taunting and joking. Guys who pass comments or taunts are usually the most unattractive ones. Just use the timing, learn some punchline, and make everyone around you laugh.
There are so many girls out there who are really great to be with. Just don’t run behind them; use your charm to attract them. Do not cry over the girl who has rejected you, as she may have her own reasons. So, try to be friendly with other girls and if you really find someone attractive, try our tips and she will surely fall in love with you.

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