How Do I Get a Valuation on a Property?

March 23, 2023

Whether you are attempting to purchase or sell real estate, you will need to perform a property valuation to make the best investment decision possible. Even properties that appear to be similar may offer different yields to investors. Accurately valuing a property is essential when ensuring that you can scale up your investment portfolio and avoid acquiring a costly mistake. This article will supply all the information you need to know about valuation. You can find out more by consulting licensed business valuers in Brisbane.

The best way to get a valuation on a property is by hiring a professional valuator to assess the property. You can also calculate and estimate the value of the property using certain relevant figures. Estimating value is not advisable because you can’t rely on any figures you calculate yourself to reflect true market values. An estimated DIY valuation cannot be relied on to make significant financial decisions.  

Hiring Professional Valuators

There are many licensed professional appraisers that you can rely on to offer you accurate figures that reflect the real market value of any real estate property. Real estate investors calculate the value of a property using specific data that affects the market. Valuations can be performed by real estate brokers or licensed appraisers. 

All professional valuators provide accurate values because they draw on their expertise and inside knowledge of the market. Further, these evaluators are third parties who have no conflict of interest when valuing a property. They rely on market-specific data e.g. property conditions, amenities, and recent sales comparables. They adjust the value of the property depending on multiple other factors. 

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Estimating Value

The first step to estimating the value of real estate property is collecting the key financial data relating to that property. You will need to find out the mortgage payment and determine whether or not the payment is inclusive of insurance and taxes, the down payment amount, and rental income (or potential rental income). Gross rental yield, which is determined by dividing the purchase price by the annual gross rent also indicates value. The higher the gross rental yield, the better investment prospects that a property presents. 

The price to income ratio is also essential because it compares median home price to median market income. When the ratio increases, homes become much more affordable to buy. Cash flow can be measured monthly or annually. It is the amount of money left after operating expenses have been paid. The capitalization rate measures the rate of return offered by a rental property and is measured by dividing the net operating income by the property’s market value. 

Value Versus Cost and Price

When evaluating real estate, value does not necessarily equate to cost or price. Cost refers to the expenditure spent on a property. Price is the amount that a consumer would pay to acquire the property. Even though cost and property can affect value, they do not determine it. A house may sell for an amount that is higher or lower than its value depending on the costs associated with acquiring the property. Properties that have defects usually sell for an amount that is less than their value depending on the costs associated with restoring the property. 

Market Value

The market value of a property is an estimate of a property’s worth on a specific date. Market values are usually contained in appraisal reports that are relied upon by investors, mortgage companies, businesses, individuals, and government agencies when making decisions about real estate transactions. The appraisal report sets a property’s market value to the most probable price it will fetch in an open and competitive market. 

Market Price 

This is the price at which the property sells and should be close to the market value. Sometimes the market price is not reflective of the market value. For example, in instances where a sale is under duress because of foreclosure, the property will sell below market value. 

Property valuation is a complex process that combines both science and art. Any serious investors will rely on professional and reliable companies to handle all valuations on any property that may consider buying or selling. If you choose to estimate the value of a property, you will need to determine the fair market value, replacement cost, market rent, and net operating income. You will need to use complex formulas to determine the figures that are described above. Real estate values are very unique and keep changing depending on multiple variable factors. It is advisable to rely on professionals for all valuations. 

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