What to Look for When Hiring a Roofer?

By Alex
December 5, 2022

Hiring a good, reliable, and trustworthy roofer is no mean feat. Choosing the wrong one costs you money, time, and effort. You must always keep certain factors in mind when hiring a roofer – are they experienced in completing the kind of project you need to be done?

If you’re in the market for roof installation, repair or replacement, check these services. But first, here are some key aspects to bear in mind when hiring a roofer.

Roofing Experience

Your instinct might be to look at their website, but remember that your potential contractor’s website is to make them look good. Instead, call some previous clients and ask about their experience with this contractor. It will give you a more accurate picture of the work the company typically does.

You should also ask about complaints filed against the company or previous clients who had issues with them. If there are no complaints on file, then you know they’re probably pretty good at what they do! 

If there are complaints, don’t automatically assume that they’re bad at what they do—it could just mean that they weren’t perfect every time. However, if multiple people have filed complaints against the same contractor over a long period (like years), it would be wise not to hire them unless they can explain what happened.


When hiring a roofer, you should always inquire about their insurance. While a company has the best intentions, sometimes accidents do happen. If your roofer has licensed insurance, you are protected if something happens on your property.

The best way to ensure that you have an insured contractor is to ask for proof of insurance before starting work. If they do not have it or refuse to show it to you, then find another contractor who does have the proper insurance and licensing.

Past Roofing Projects

When analyzing a roofer’s past work, you should look at several things:

  • The quality of the job. How well was it done? Is there any evidence that there were corners?
  • The time it took to complete the job. Some companies charge by how long it takes to complete a job, indicating their efficiency or lack thereof.
  • The price of the job. Was it reasonable? 
  • Customer satisfaction. Did they complain about their experience with this company and its workers?

Trade Association Membership

Ensuring that the contractor you hire is a member of trade associations is another way you can ensure they are reputable. The National Roofing Contractors Association(NRCA) commonly gives roofers assessments and certifies them to install any roof.

Free Quote

When you hire a roofer, they must give you a detailed quote. A detailed quote includes all the job details and helps ensure you get what you want.

It’s also good to get an itemized quote so there aren’t any surprises when it comes to payment. It can help prevent misunderstandings about how much labor or materials will cost.

Roofing contractors charge by the hour or by the square footage of the job. The type of material they use will also affect their pricing. For example, if you have a new roof installed over an existing one, you’ll pay between $8,700-$22,000. If you’re repairing or replacing individual shingle tiles on an existing roof, you’ll pay $4,707-$10,460.

Thorough Inspection

For you to hire a roofer, you want to ensure they thoroughly inspect your home’s roof. To determine any leaks or damaged areas, the contractor will check their gutters and flashings (metal pieces that prevent water from leaking into your house). They’ll also look at the vents in your attic and tell you if they’re working properly. They might even take photos of those vents to show how well they function.

They’ll also inspect any insulation, especially on flat roofs where ice accumulation is common during winters. The inspector should check for mold and mildew in all areas, including attics and crawl spaces. 

Physical Address and Credibility

A good roofer will have a physical address, not just online or over the phone. They should show you a business card or at least give you a way to contact them outside of email and social media.

In addition to having a physical address, they should also have a good reputation. The roofer needs to be credible and able to complete the job promptly. You should always check with your neighbors and friends before hiring someone new—they will know whether or not someone is reliable or trustworthy!

Review as many contractors as possible. Go online and look through all of your options, and interview different candidates in person. It is a lot of work, but finding the right person for the job will be worth it.

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