How to Sell a Car for Cash?

February 8, 2022

In case you want to sell your car efficiently for cash, the market is full of buyers. Here in this guide, we will help you understand the functioning of different car selling platform and run you through the sales processes so that you can get the best value for your car.

But before you go through the sales steps, you need to make sure that your car is ready for sale. First and foremost, make sure that you have completed all the paperwork. Next, you need to make sure that your car is fit, in other words, it should be in working condition. Also, it is suggested to give your car a makeover, or you can simply clean your car’s interior so that it can look all polished and dolled-up. With the clean interior and exterior, it becomes easy to attract eyes and make a good deal.

Finding Value of Your Car

Valuing your car is quite necessary as it helps you to understand what you are going to get in return. This way you can ask for what your car deserves. The web is full of car valuation sites, some of the best services are CAP, Parkers, and Glass’s. Such services sometimes ask for money when complete valuation is required, but they give you all genuine details of your car for free. If you want to sell your car quickly, the tip is; stuck with the lower end of the valuation range. This is an ultimate way to figure out cash for car, you will be getting.

If you plan to sell your car and looking for online buyers, you can get a quote using the site of valuation services. The quotes are useful to get an accurate picture of the monetary value of your car. It is quite obvious that you will get a better quote for a repaired car than for a damaged car. The next best way to find the value of a car if you are selling it in eBay auctions is to check the value of similar cars. 

Places to Sell Your Car for Cash 

Online Shoppers: Selling your car online is the fastest way to make a deal. Everything works faster on digital platforms. You can connect yourself with online buyers, get a quote, and meet physically to sell your car. But it is always advised to find an online buyer from a nearby location so that you can make the trade easily. But the online sale, especially when made in hurry, will pay you less than that of a private sale. 

Private Sale: If you want the best car price, private sellers are the best to sell your car. But you need to wait and have patience in this case. The popular vehicles are likely to find a buyer faster, on the other hand, obscure or unpopular cars take a longer period to find buyers. There are many private agencies where you can advertise your car. The key to finding buyers on Private sale is to write a good advert and adding real pictures of your car. Also, make sure that you answer rapidly to all the queries and try to reach potential buyers ASAP.

Online Auctions: eBay is one popular auction site that allows you to make great auction deals. Online auctions are always time-taking. For finding the right buyers, you need to wait as the potential buyers don’t necessarily knock on your door just after you list your car. But online auctions work opposite to the Private sale, as the buyer will first check your car physically and then make a deal. 

Actual Auctions: If you want to sell your car real quick, such kind of auctions are best. But in such auctions, the price depends upon the presence of buyers. It is advised to participate in such auctions, before going through the part exchange as it can often give you great prices. You will find various dealers of the area selling the car brought in part exchange. So, wait till you find an auction in your local area that allows the vehicles from individuals.

Local Dealerships: This is the fastest yet secured way of selling cars but at lower prices. Dealerships are experts in making the lowest deals by motivating or manipulating the sellers. Therefore, if you are okay with the low price but want to make a quick sale, such dealerships are great for you. You can surely make a bargain, but still, be ready to get a low price than all other platforms. 

Process of Selling Car for Cash

  1. First, you need to make sure that you can legally sell the car.
  2. It is important to clear all your prior debts because most of the creditors do not allow you to sell vehicles until you pay the remaining amount.
  3. If you are not able to pay the debt, the companies give you an alternative loan that doesn’t keep your car as security.
  4. If you have a legal right to sell, make sure you provide the car’s logbook and V5C document to the buyer, as it is quite an important document. Until you provide this document, there is no way to authorize the buyer for making a legal decision for the car. 
  5. To let the buyer know about the car’s service history, you need to hand over all the documents such as handbooks and other related papers.
  6. If you are selling your car privately, make sure you collect the complete payment before handing over the keys. Do not rely upon cheques or banker’s drafts, as they take time to clear and also have a tendency to bounce.

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