“I ventured to be a ‘sugar daddy’, I fell in love, but I was not reciprocated”

April 14, 2023

It all started in September 2021, when a friend who lived in another city told me that he was dating a ‘bald’ that he had met on a sugar daddy app, sugar babies and stuff. He seemed curious to me, so he lent me account to learn a little more about the subject. I remember that he said to me: “I’ll lend you the password so that you can have an ‘eye broth.’ Also, as it is by geographical location, you may meet interesting women in Bogotá”.

He also gave me some guidelines for interacting in the app: I had to agree on a value per meeting and go out for a drink beforehand. In addition, he was very recalcitrant with a specific issue: that he did not give away anything fixed, such as a car or a cell phone plan, without having an agreed agreement.

As soon as I entered the platform, a beautiful 24-year-old girl appeared. She was a college student, she had an alternative look, shaved hair and very tall, which I loved because she had never dated a girl her height.

We started chatting for several days, with which we were clarifying a little more the expectations of both and what relationship we wanted to have with each other. This is how we reached a prior agreement to get to know each other in which we established the rules and the amount that I would pay for their services, which was subject to the fact that when we saw each other there was a ‘special chemistry’ between the two of us.

The rules were simple: it was imperative that sexual relations be protected, there would be no sadomasochistic practices -any kind of abuse- or the like, and we would have coordinated schedules for the meetings. The amount varied from 150,000 to 200,000 pesos per meeting, plus gifts: clothes, cell phones, trips, the gym fee and more. All this, in exchange for company, friendship and sex; as if that could be bought.

Finally, we met in a cafe, chatted for a while, and finalized details. Then, we got in my car, where we kissed for the first time, and we left for a motel, where everything was consummated. It was not a pleasant sexual relationship, it was spectacular. Since my youth I have dated many women, but I have never felt anything like it. At that moment I knew that I had found the perfect partner, at least as far as sexuality is concerned.

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We started meeting sporadically. I think it was at least sixty times in one year. We traveled together, we slept together, we told each other what was happening in our lives and I have to accept that what at first was chemistry became true love, at least for me.

I started to worry about her, about her well-being, and I thought it was reciprocated; despite the fact that she was lost or moved away from her, to later return to me as if nothing had happened. That was the case until she told me that, two months after dating me, she had had sexual relations with her boss. In retaliation, or revenge, I did the same and told him about it. She didn’t react as she expected. She didn’t get jealous, she just suggested that we have a sexual exclusivity agreement or, at least, tell each other if we slept with someone else. From there, I began to follow her on social networks; I was jealous, but I kept it to myself because I wanted to continue living in the moment with her.

There was a point where we stopped using a condom and she thought she was pregnant because her period was late. She was terribly worried, but I wasn’t, she had given me a vasectomy. I didn’t understand her nervousness until I found out she was dating other men.

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