How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Education

February 8, 2022

Perhaps we have already seen a lot of futuristic films depicting the absolutely digitized life of humanity with brand new technologies, machines, robots, and other stuff. Moreover, some creators of these modernized worlds want to emphasize the role of artificial intelligence which can soon the jobs of ordinary people. In fact, it is shown in a good plan in one of the latest blockbuster games – Detroit: Become Human, the plot of which is based on the androids having their own AI and, actually, stealing the jobs of human beings. For example, there may be no more waiters in the restaurants. Instead, a computer will take your orders, but we hope that the cooks won’t be altered! In this day and age, scientists assume that even teachers may be gone! On the one hand, it has several advantages. On the other hand, it is a global matter, and it should take a lot of effort and time to adapt our planet to these alterations.

So, what is the importance of integrating artificial intelligence into the studying process, and will it become dominating? Let’s try answering these and more questions concerning this topic.

AI Is The Future

The idea of creating a separate intelligence carrier arose all the way in the 18 century when the development of science was at the very top. This idea sounded like “how about we create another body that will compensate for as much information as we need?” Soon, the first analog computers paved the way towards solving this issue. Some people wish they would live according to exact algorithms and codes, like modern robots. And we can understand them because various machines are dealing with loads of data. That’s how the idea of making a human brain as a memory card storage appeared. One of the advantages of AI is that it is still being developed and added with new specificities. We witness the robots crossing the Mars soil, cleaning the ruins of affected buildings, and delivering the food!

Moreover, we can also face AI while playing computer games, learning languages, or simply planning the day. All the tips or notifications we receive are thanks to a digital assistant. It studies your habits, your actions, and your goals, but in a positive way! Don’t worry, it won’t use it as an independent subject!

Sometimes we wish to have an assistant that will search for us the options for our paperwork. You would need only to write down: “find free audition paper example”, and the results won’t be delayed!

AI And Education: Is It Possible?

In 2020 approximately 700 schools in Belgium started practicing the study process with AI. Because of the online regime of studying, the national ministry of education resorted to alternative and innovative options. In particular, they decided to give children an opportunity to determine their own studying plan according to their level of knowledge. Moreover, the teachers are no longer facing the administrative burden. It means that they continue doing their job, but with adaptive technologies.

Doubtless, the COVID-19 crisis has stimulated the process of shifting the educational process to the online environment, with loads of Zoom meetings and a lack of genuine socialization. It appears to be quite stressful for some categories of students. Nevertheless, these are temporary conditions, and soon they will come back to their desks and mates. However, the pandemic was like shock therapy to AI development. Many governments rely on IT companies and startups that can bring lots of benefits to their system of education.

Nonetheless, AI remains unemotional. Emotions are good the marketers are struggling for. We reckon that the profession of a teacher can become even more valuable because of the emotions they deliver to the listeners. AI can give us only basic knowledge: terms, dates, names, formulas. And the real teachers are the masters of words and stories. So, this craft can become very rare, but rather precious.

There are even more examples of the ways different countries engrain AI in education. In Finland, teachers endeavor students to apply for a special course – The Usage of Artificial Intelligence. At the same time, China is planning to become a dominant AI user in the world! To prove this status, specific technologies are already utilized in several schools. For instance, in Shanghai children are asked to wear a sensor on their head that determines their level of concentration. Then the results are sent to the database, and parents can see them as well! Quite revolutionary, and it gives us hope that AI will be reasonably integrated into education.
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