The Importance of Accurate Crew Scheduling in High-Risk Industries

May 1, 2023

Creating accurate schedules is an essential process in all businesses in order to meet challenges accordingly. This is especially true for high-risk businesses where employee rest is vital to ensure productivity and prevent serious consequences.

In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of using crew scheduling software in high-risk businesses. By doing so, you will learn the benefits that these tools offer, and how they advance the business. Keep reading and find out more.

Prioritizing Rest in Employees

Working in a high-risk business is a challenge for any worker. For this purpose, the free time of each employee is a priority and it must not be compensated.

Crew scheduling software offers us better visualization, which helps to make a schedule where each employee will have enough time to rest, that is, shifts should be separated by at least a twelve-hour break.

Providing Flexibility

Using scheduling tools also increases flexibility in managing workers. Thus, in the case of immediately announced absences, finding a replacement is greatly facilitated by the fact that we have an overview of free workers. This prevents the process of looking for people for short-term work, which is especially important in high-risk businesses where experience is essential.

Preventing Turnover of Employees

If the schedules are made so that workers’ shifts are compressed, and they do not have enough rest, dissatisfaction arises. Not only will the employees not be rested enough, but the frustration that plays a big role in the occurrence of accidents also starts to grow.

With the growth of dissatisfaction, the number of resignations also increases, which leads to increased turnover. Thus, you waste time training new employees, who may also leave. To that end, creating accurate work schedules is essential when running this type of business.

Ability to Include Your Workers in the Scheduling Process

For the correct creation of a schedule, it is important to hear the opinion of the employees. That way, you will know when they are free in order to adjust the shifts to suit both the employees and the needs of the business.

In the crew scheduling software, each employee can insert days when he is not free for work, as well as shifts that are less convenient for him. 

There is also the possibility of changing shifts between colleagues. Naturally, this will require approval from the manager or owner, but it’s a useful tool that will surely mean something to your workers. 

With this in mind, the schedule will be efficiently created and employee satisfaction will increase.

Increase of Transparency

In crew scheduling software, every employee has access to shifts and all information related to their work. They can also see their hourly records, how much overtime they have worked, and how many days off they have left.

In case of ambiguities, they can always write or ask for a request for certain shifts and they will be sure to receive feedback from the person in charge. Such transparency leads to increased satisfaction, which will be reflected in increasing the quality of work and reducing the risk of accidents at work.

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