5 Industries That Can Use Oracle Cloud

January 12, 2023

Oracle Cloud is the first public cloud domain that is built to suit all applications. Hence, it has the ability to meet the most complex challenges and still be able to accommodate the requirements of the common person. Its innovative core engineering and systems design allow for better and enhanced performance of all applications and accelerated migration. The framework enables the companies to define a robust cloud strategy, and plan and execute a smooth and successful migration and transition.

Which Companies can use Oracle Cloud? 

The Oracle Cloud is a very dynamic framework that allows it to adapt to almost any industry. The OCI has features such as optimal costs, enhanced security, and increased IT efficiency. These features make it a dynamic and well-sought-after cloud domain for all industries across all fields of operation. 

Financial Services: 

Oracle Flexicube is specially designed to modernize the core systems of a bank. This solution is ideal for upscaling the working of an existing bank or setting up a new digital platform as well. Its enhanced security features make it a suitable match for the financial services industry, where privacy is inviolable.


Using Oracle cloud allows healthcare providers to create a fully integrated environment easily. This enables the healthcare providers to capture, collect and collate data from IoT devices, health records, and imaging data. The developers can easily build and create data models and applications to allow for maximum accuracy.

Industrial Manufacturing:

Migrating your operations to OCI can help accelerate and ease your company’s digital transformation. It expedites and smoothens the transition of moving your product development processes to the cloud. With the help of Oracle Data Science and Analytics available on OCI, the companies and organizations can collate their data and take advantage of features such as predictions regarding production schedules, market trends, etc. 

Manually cumbersome jobs such as keeping track and scheduling maintenance of equipment, job cards, supply chain management, billing, etc., can be done with the click of a mouse. Better response time to market trends, cost efficiency, deeper business insights, and better planning make the OCI an invaluable option for this industry.

Life Sciences: 

OCI has GROMACS and molecular dynamics applications with virtual machines GPU shapes to bare metal computational options as their choices for any life sciences company choosing Oracle Cloud. GROMACS is a molecular dynamics software preferred by most Life Sciences Companies. It stimulates the movements of atoms in biomolecules in a predefined set of conditions. Its predictive and deep learning modules are invaluable tools for any life sciences company.

Retail Industry: 

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides the perfect set of tools for a retailer to create efficient warehousing, increase inventory visibility, and collate and consolidate purchase and customer base data for accurate business decisions. OCI is also equipped to handle high transaction volumes along with maintaining a database, making it ideal for setting up an online business module. 

About Opkey:

Opkey provides services for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure across all industries. It is known for its dynamic and easy-to-use no-code continuous test platform.

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