You’ll Thank Us For These 7 Inexpensive Dirt Bike Adjustments!

By Alex
February 8, 2022

If you own a dirt bike, you might have already invested a lot in your bike, even if it is a used one. While proper maintenance is key to getting the best out of your investment, your bike can lose its edge over time. 

Even a dirt bike that has just left the factory showroom floor won’t compete with the one fitted with aftermarket parts that make it an absolute beast. 

So, if you want to ramp up your old bike’s performance or upgrade your new bike to compete against the expensive models out there, you’re reading the right article. There are many inexpensive add-ons and various adjustments that will make the most sense for your investment. 

Take a look at our top budget picks. 

Upgrade Your Fuel

Traditional bike fuel is expensive, especially the racing one. Don’t purchase that stuff. Instead, spend a little more money at the pump for a higher-octane fuel. 

It’s not as if you are filling up your 20-gallon truck with premium fuel. It’s your two-gallon dirt bike tank. High octane fuel costs 30-50 cents per gallon more, but the performance gains are well worth it. 

Avoiding ethanol-based fuel is another thing you must consider. You will save time and headaches later on if you dump the ethanol-based fuel. Safe to say it’s a waste of bucks. 

Adjust Suspension Clickers

You can adjust the clickers to improve rider comfort and reduce fatigue. This means that you won’t have to limp the last lap of a Moto. A Digital Sag Scale is worth the investment if you can afford it. 

You can dial in your measurements much quicker this way rather than spend hours figuring out the correct measurements.

New Seat Cover

This is especially important if your bike is older than 2-3 years or you are trying to prevent your seat from falling off during rides. You can make sure you stay fixed on your bike by using a gripper or pleated seat cover. 

It’s more comfortable, and it will give you the confidence to make those steep turns.

New Grips

It’s amazing how your body adapts to comfortable gear and perfect bike settings. You can reduce your arms pump by using sticky, soft grips. Once you have them on, it will feel like riding a brand new bike. They are also very affordable!

Add a Slip-On

You can save money by not having to replace the entire exhaust system. A new slip-on might be more expensive than the other options, but it’s far cheaper than a complete system overhaul. 

It also makes installation much easier. The slip-on will give your bike more power and a great sound. Depending on the model, the price can range from less than $200 to more than $300.

Air Filter Intake Kit

Although it is more expensive than the slip-on, the value you get is worth the money. An air filter intake kit is a great way to make changing your air filter easy and seals dirt and debris better than any other product on the market. 

It also gives you more power because it allows for more air to flow into your engine. You can install it in the stock airbox. It costs around $200, depending on the model of your bike.


On a first date, do you wear shorts and a shirt? No. Rather, you dress up nicely to impress your date. A great dress gives you the confidence to carry yourself well. 

A new set of new graphics for your dirt bike does the same thing to your confidence. Although you may feel we’re pushing this one through the roof, great graphics are head turners and Sureshot confidence boosters on a budget. 

You’ve got to try them out!

Final Word

A few settings here and some adjustments there, and your bike can become the best version of itself. Also, consider visiting MXstore to buy dirt bike gear and accessories. They have a great collection!

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