Informed.IQ Leads $20M in Series-A Through Its Consumer Auto Financing Benefits

Informed.IQ through its machine learning and AI technology has raised a funding amount of $20M in Series-A. This benefits upholding services with automotive information technology logistics is financed by Nyca Partners and US Venture Partners with participation from angels such as Manuel Bronstein, former VP of Product at Google, and many more.

Coming below are the specifications, lending solutions, and key features of Informed.IQ.

Specifications of Informed.IQ

Features Specifications
Company NameInformed.IQ
Company Legal NameInformed, Inc.
FoundersJustin Wickett
Founded DateApr 2016
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California, US San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US
Total Funding Amount$20M
Company TypeFor Profit
Company Official
Also Known AsInformed, DriveInformed

After visiting the specifications from Informed IQ headquarter details to the legal name and contact email.

Various Lending Solutions Of Informed.IQ

Here are some of the lending solutions that are present in Informed.IQ’ cockpit. Let’s meet them one by one.

  • Auto Lending
    Using AI and machine learning, it upholds the lending and insurance process with reduced lending bias.

    The earlier lending system which both lenders and dealers mistreated, is replaced with a real-time underwriting and funding process through Informed’s credit application. The uncertainty faced earlier by the consumer was now handled by their personal lending space for fuel spectrum borrowers in a rising interest rate economy.

    Auto Lending process by Informed.IQ reduced earlier friction of documents. It actively made users’ original hectic process faster, easier, and more secure by leveraging their smart gadgets.

    One can check RISC, VSC, GAP waiver, and odometer statements for accuracy measures against the lender’s rules of funding statements.
  • Consumer Lending
    By this apt software, AI, and machine learning Informed.IQ maintains the consumer’s documents with trust & tech and simultaneously verifies them for maintaining the insurance chart.

    With informed income verification controls and other procedures of its benefits-led software, it mitigates fraud and reduces risk. The faster process of its lending system makes the consumer experience applaudable.
  • RV Lending
    Through its technical attributes, Informed aces up the loan process and reduces bias not just for consumers but for lenders and dealers.

    By benefiting software, it makes the consumer experience much better.

Same as the above lending solutions, Informed.IQ does the same needful through its Powersports and marine lending solutions with its applicable sources of high AI technology.

Some Partners of Informed.IQ

Coming is the list of various partners which are connected to the API software of Informed.IQ

  • truework
  • exeter
  • Ally
  • Fiserv
  • Truv
  • Drivetime
  • Origence
  • CarFi

Key Features of Informed.IQ to Raise $20M in Series-A

Informed.IQ with total funding raised amount of $20IM has an accentuated auto loans proceeding software with praising features. Some of them have been comprehended below

  • Instant Real Time Calculation
    This benefit holding AI software company manages stipulation instantly thus making real-time effective evaluations for various needful companies and corporates. It manages huge insurance credentials by acknowledging the insurer’s and lenders’ data units.
  • Active Compliance
    Less bias, audibility, and consistency are the three virtues of its AI-led benefit software. Less bias presence of Informed.IQ encompasses a less chaotic insurance process defining structure that stipulates every process efficiently.

    Audibility executed feature of Informed.IQ entails easy insight to convert the lenders’ documents and data into decisions.
  • Mission of Transparency, Inclusivity
    The cost of credit i.e. maintaining the API, insurer’s financial credibility check task with transparency. Improved compliance is held with utmost security and care.
  • Automate Credit and Funding Policy
    Informed.IQ calculates income in real-time according to various configured policies. On the whole, the credits and funding chart maintained by them safely execute the audit chains, and policies with effective terms and conditions.

Customer Service of Informed.IQ

Informed.IQ Address: Informed, Inc

1550 Tiburon Blvd

Suite G-312

Tiburon, CA 94920

 Informed.IQ Email Address:

Closing Thoughts

Informed.IQ has a praise-worthy API and machine learning system that provides its partners and investors with a proficient system that manages lenders’ and dealers’ issues with efficient AI and its respective task force. 


Ans: Informed has 7 investors among which are The FIS FinTech Accelerator in Partnership with The Venture Center and Nyca Partners.

Ans:Informed.IQ has raised a total amount of $20M till date.

Ans: Some of the competitors of Informed.IQ are EXPERT DOJO, Meridian link, and Seegrid.

Ans: Informed, DriveInformed some of the names by which Informed.IQ.

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