8 Tips for Long Distance Moves

December 21, 2022

Long-distance moves can be a challenge especially when it comes to packaging and loading your items

The best tips for long-distance moves can be knowing the effective ways to pack your items to prevent any of them from damage. For instance, while packing, you should never rush as this can lead to damage to your items, or you may even leave things behind. You can also pack light things separately as mixing them up with heavy items can cause damage. 

So, in this blog, we’ll let you know all the tips for long-distance moving that can help you to ease your way through. 

Top 8 Tips for Long Distance Moves

Stocking the Right Amount of Moving Supplies

Check if you have enough moving and packing supplies on hand before you start to pack your things. You simply don’t want to be in such a position where you’ll run out of boxes, cardboard, packing paper, tape, or anything else that may help you with your packing. If you don’t stock up your stocking and moving supplies, there are chances you won’t have enough supplies, which can make your packing more complicated in the future. Also, try not to overload, as that can also make the long-distance thing risky.

Break Down Items in Small Compartments

If you know the proper ways of packing your items, then you’ll know it’s essential to break down large and big items into small compartments. For instance, it’s easy to pack your bookcase when it’s broken down into small sections. The same goes for a bed frame, your furniture, or even a dining table. 

The general rule to effective packing is you need to break things down. In this way, you’ll not only be able to save your space, but it’ll even make your overall packing more efficient. The more effective you are at packing, the simpler your moving will be. 

Wrapping is Essential

The best way to protect your items is to use bubble cushioning, paper, blankets, or even clothes. Wrap any fragile or delicate things like TVs, mirrors, picture frames, or any item you think is delicate. Remember that your items will move for miles when you are shifting to a new place. During this shift, there are chances that your items can get damaged. So, wrap them in a way that can prevent any damage to your items. 

Never Rush

Working in a rush will never do any good. When you try to save time and do the packing in haste, later you’ll notice broken frames, damaged furniture, or shattered bookshelf glass. So, if you want to prevent any such happenings, you must learn to take your time while packing. If you feel you won’t do it, you can also take help from service providers to do this job for you. 

Separate Light and Heavy Items

Heavy things are more prone to breaking. You should not pack your boxes where light and heavy items are packed together—separate items into several boxes where light and heavy items will be kept separately. Moreover, if any of your boxes get too heavy, you need to switch your items to a new box. 

Pack Your Items in Bins or Plastic Tubs

A strong moving box is better than nothing. A plastic bin or tub is strong enough to hold many things. Packing some of your things in plastic tubs or bins is a better way to store your items than even the most durable cardboard boxes. They’re simple to stack, and you can see what’s been put inside. They can also be opened as many times as you need, and you can use these tubs and bins as many times as you want. 

Take Help if Needed 

If you can get four hands for moving, they’re better than two. A good long distance moving company doesn’t have to be expensive, and it can also cut down on the number of things that break, especially when someone else helps you move heavy boxes or furniture. So, getting from experts will ensure that your items are safely loaded without you needing to worry about them getting damaged.  

Put Your Name on the Boxes.

When you move a long way, your boxes are likely to be put on a truck with boxes from other people. Therefore, each of your boxes should be clearly marked with your name so that your things don’t get mixed up or get dropped off at any wrong location. Boxes that you’re very worried about losing should have your phone number on them. So, even if the box gets to the wrong location, you can call them back to get it for you.

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