Top Tips: How to Make your Home More Valuable and Sell Faster

January 9, 2023

Do you have plans of selling your house soon? If yes, then you should start getting ready instead of waiting till the last minute. As a homeowner, you will not want your home to stay in the market for long at the risk of losing its value. Selling a home faster can be facilitated by having an aesthetically attractive and fully functional home with good home décor. Offering the lowest price is never enough to make a lasting impression. You will always want your house to stand out from the rest whenever potential buyers view homes. Most people are interested in selling their used mobile home as well. They will often seek the services of a real estate agent to help them make their house more valuable.; here’s how they do it. 

External Wall Repair and Painting

Any potential buyer will see the house exterior first. You must ensure your home has the best appeal both inside and outside. Houses that appear old, worn out, or ugly will attract less interest. Before you start doing external repairs and paintings, it is always a good idea to consult with your designer or real estate agent.

Apart from giving your house a paint job, examine the exterior for damaged signs. You will have to replace walls made of weatherboard if they are not in good condition. If your house is made of bricks, you might have to fill small gaps with fresh mortar. These improvements will help make your home have a new look without doing major renovations. 

Apart from having a stylish look, installing new windows and doors will make your house more valuable and have low household running costs, which will help attract more buyers.

Yard lighting and landscaping

Fixing your yard before putting your house on sale will not cost you much. Having a great yard will help signify the amount of effort that has been put in place to have a great home. When you have an appealing yard, you will never have a difficult time when it comes to selling your house. Buyers who like spending their time in the yard will get attracted to homes with appealing yards. 

Interior Flooring

Most buyers will always look at the house floor immediately they get into the house. Most buyers will always prefer getting a home with stylish, clean, and contemporary floors. Musty and old carpeting will never do your home any favors. Try upgrading the house floor before you place it in the market to increase its chances of being sold fast.

Kitchen Upgrades

Most buyers are always interested in homes with a functional kitchen with benchtops, cupboards, and good taps. Some homeowners overdo kitchen upgrades by installing all-new stainless steel appliances, fancy marble, or granite benchtops. Although the upgrades will give the kitchen a modern and sleek look, most buyers will always be turned off with the upgrades as they will think the house cost has been increased due to the extra kitchen upgrades. Ensure all kitchen appliances are in good working condition and the kitchen is tidy and attractive.

Bathroom Repairs 

Consider renovating the toilet and bathroom space by installing new cabinetry, tubs, and showers. Minor repairs like replacing tile grout by The Grout Guy and painting walls will work wonders. Do not forget to clean out the exhaust fan and have all chips in the sink or bathtub repaired. You can also consider replacing the old light fixtures with energy-efficient and user-friendly models. Be keen never to do any exaggeration as it will most likely put off any potential buyer.

Interior Wall Painting

There are interior design trends that come and go with time. We have new home models that come with colored feature walls instead of blank white walls. Most buyers will consider buying a house with its walls painted white as it is never dull. However, it would help if you exercised lots of caution with the paint color choices. Going for outlandish colors can hinder the chances of selling your home fast. Having textured brush techniques and accent walls will help add visual interest to your house. Ensure you get a professional house painter to do interior wall painting if you want to make your home more valuable to sell it fast.

It is always a great idea to seek the services of professionals if you want to sell your home fast. Any reliable and experienced real estate agent will always be aware of essential tips that will help increase your home’s value and what tasks you need to prioritize before you put your house on sale.

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