The Marylebone Cricket Club

January 4, 2023

England is the country where cricket was born. For this reason, in the country, it is possible to find multiple clubs dedicated to this sport that has been operating for literally centuries. It is possible to spend time at the site – betting in play can be made on all these English cricket squads.

One of the most traditional cricket clubs in England is the Marylebone Cricket Club. Also known as the MCC, at some moment it was also the world’s governing cricket body. This was before the creation of the International Cricket Council. It is possible to make betting in play at 1xBet, where users can wager on many cricket matches across the world.

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Shaping the Sport

Cricket has been played in one form or another since as far as the 1500s. However, in those early years, the game was more like a hobby than a formal sport. Therefore, there were no universally-enforced rules. This changed in 1788, in that year, the Marylebone Cricket Club wrote the first version of the Laws of Cricket. The wagers that can be made at are based on what was created back then by this organization.

Curiously, in addition to being one of the former governing bodies of cricket, the MCC also has a team of its own. This squad has first-class status, meaning that they can play highly competitive matches in this sport. The 1xBet platform allows its members to wager on the matches played by the Marylebone Cricket Club.

Importance of the Club

Being the organization responsible for the laws of the game already gives the Marylebone Cricket Club huge importance. However, this organization has also done many other things regarding the sport. The website offers chances to make live wagers on English cricket.

Some of the activities that illustrate the importance of the MCC include:

  • organizing multiple tours for the English national team during most of the 20th century;
  • owning the copyright of the laws of cricket, even if they no longer decide them;
  • and also, playing against the most recent County Championship winners before the beginning of each season.

The Marylebone Cricket Club also has huge libraries and manuals regarding how to play the sport. Those who want to become cricket coaches can buy one of their manuals if they so wish. They are among the most comprehensive texts that explain how to play the discipline properly. People may also be interested in the great live cricket wagers offered by the 1xBet sports betting platform.

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