Steps to Take If You Are a Victim of Medical Negligence in White Plains?

February 9, 2022

White Plains is an inner suburban city in Westchester County, New York. It is Westchester’s commercial hub that is always buzzing with activity. When you receive medical care in White Plains, you can expect attentive and high-quality care.

However, you never know when an error from the doctor or nurses can occur. If you face any hospital negligence that leads to an injury or other damage, you can file a medical malpractice case. It is pivotal to seek legal guidance while you are in White Plains Personal injury lawyers

Read on to know what to do if you are a victim of medical negligence in White Plains.

Seek Another Doctor

It is crucial to make your health a priority. If you find out that your doctor made a mistake while treating or diagnosing you, look for another doctor immediately. White Plains has many reputable hospitals, such as White Plains Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital. Remedying medical mistakes is crucial.

Your second doctor will review the medical records and perform a few tests to assess your condition. Accordingly, the treatment begins to undo any damage to your health.

Obtain Medical Records

Around 10% of deaths in the United States of America are because of preventable medical mistakes. It is pivotal to bring every case of medical negligence to light. You have to garner evidence for your medical malpractice case. Obtain your medical records from the hospital at the earliest.

Check if the records state information on your symptoms, medical tests, medical history, and prescribed medications. You can identify most of the diagnostics and treatment errors through your medical records.

It is recommended to obtain your medical records before you file a medical malpractice claim. It allows you to ensure that the healthcare provider cannot change or hide the information. 

Maintain A Journal

In White Plains, you can take legal action against medical malpractice within two years and six months of the incident. If you believe to be a victim of medical negligence, start maintaining a journal. You can use it to take notes on the symptoms you experience because of the error. 

Make sure to describe how this medical error is impacting your health and life. These entries may act as evidence during your case. Ensure to note it down in detail, as most victims tend to forget it because of anxiety, stress, or traumatic memory loss. 

Contact A Personal Injury Attorney

It is crucial to be aware of your legal rights as a medical malpractice victim. In White Plains, hire personal injury lawyers for your case. Moreover, medical malpractice cases can soon get complex. You need an experienced personal injury lawyer by your side to handle your case successfully.

You can find a list of recommended personal injury attorneys from the White Plains Bar Association. Make sure to schedule a legal consultation with the attorneys to learn about their expertise and practice. Additionally, check if they can devote adequate time to your case. After proper consideration, you can select the right lawyer. 

White Plains offers good medical care and treatment. However, if you face any medical negligence, you can file a medical malpractice case. Follow the above steps to receive timely medical care and legal representation. A personal injury lawyer can help you throughout your case.

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