Cheapest Ways to Get Your Mobile Phone Screen Replacement

February 8, 2022

Cell phone technology advancements have made dial-pads extinct. It also made using your mobile phone more accessible to many people in different parts of the world. Despite the advantages smartphones have brought, they also did come with several disadvantages. One of which is a broken phone screen. Dropping your mobile phone and cracking its screen can ruin anyone’s day, especially if you had no plans of purchasing another smartphone soon. And not too many people know that there are cheaper ways like an iPhone repair expert who can help replace your mobile phone screen. Some methods you can use include:

Contacting Your Manufacturer

The first step you should take when replacing your mobile phone screen is contacting your manufacturer. Try to ensure that your phone manufacturer has tech repair options for your phone. If they do, you can have them fix the screen problem for you. For instance, if your iPhone requires screen replacement, you can have it replaced at their Apple care office.

However, confirm if AppleCare covers the type of damage on your screen. If the type of damage isn’t covered, then you might have to pay more.

Tape or Screen Protector

If you can’t replace your broken smartphone screen immediately, you can still use your iPhone or Android. However, how efficient the phone works depends on whether it’s only the glass that’s broken. Assuming your screen can still respond to touch and shows images, you can use a screen protector or tape as a stopgap until you can replace your screen.

If the damage isn’t that visible, a screen protector helps conceal the damage. The best part about using a screen protector or packing tape is that they typically cost around $10, especially if you don’t have the budget to replace your screen.

DIY Replacement and Screen Repair

Another cheap way you can replace your broken screen is through DIY replacement and screen repair. While the process may be quite challenging, it isn’t impossible. Thanks to YouTube, you can find several tutorials that will help you disassemble your phone and repair your screen. Sometimes you’ll find that you only have to replace the screen or only the glass. With an online tutorial, fixing your damaged screen becomes more effortless.

To acquire the replacement component, you can use sites like eBay or Amazon. Search for your mobile phone model, and your search will display the required parts. However, ensure you shop safely when using a site like eBay.

For DIY Replacement, here’s a guide you can use to replace your smartphone screen.

1. Open your Phone

Remove your phone’s rear cover, battery, and any hidden screws it may have. Ensure you look under its labels and its USB ports. You might also find screws in the phone’s battery cavity, especially if your phone has a removable cell. Ensure you watch out for the ribbon cables and unlatch the connectors carefully.

2. Remove the Damaged Screen

Once you open your phone, you can now proceed to remove the glass display. You can soften the glass adhesive using a heat gun or leave the phone in a warm place. Once the glue is soft, you can slowly push through the camera hole and prize the glass away from the phone’s body.

3. Replace the Glass Adhesive

You can purchase replacement adhesive rolls online. You can also use double-sided tape to replace the adhesive. However, ensure you apply it to the phone’s frame and not the glass.

4. Install Your New Screen

Once the adhesive is replaced, the next step is removing the protective strips on the glue and pushing the screen into place. Ensure you apply light pressure between where the glass meets the adhesive. However, make sure you don’t use too much pressure at the center of the glass display.

Once the screen is in place, ensure you put your phone back together carefully.

Using a Third Party

Sometimes having your manufacturer fix a broken screen problem can be more expensive than having a third-party brand do it. You can try reaching out to other repair services online, in-store, or over the phone to know their prices for fixing a broken screen. However, it’s essential to find out if the phone repair service is reputable, as you wouldn’t want to lose your phone to a person you don’t know.

Ensure you research and check the customer reviews. The reviews will give you a general idea of whether your mobile phone will be safe.

You do not have to purchase a new phone with the above replacement options. All you have to do is pick one and fix your screen.

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