5 Moving Safety Tips: Don’t Break Your Belongings or Your Back

April 26, 2023

Relocating to a different residence or office can be rife with stress. Unpredictable things like property damage and injuries can happen. It thus takes skill and preparation to make sure that the entire process is undertaken smoothly and effectively. To this end, you need to hire veterans in the moving business, such as Green Van Lines Moving Company – Florida, that adhere to high professional standards and who will make sure you get your belongings (and back) to the new place in one piece.

Safety Tips That You Need to Know

Whether you’re moving from an office or a house , there’s usually going to be heavy stuff and fragile materials such as glassware. Poor handling of these things can lead to home and workplace injuries. The following are critical tips that enhance safety when moving.

1. Use Proper Moving Boxes

Maybe you have a lot of stuff, but not enough moving boxes, and you elect to force things to work. Moving boxes typically carry a certain amount of weight, but when you exceed the limit, you could subject various parts of your body to strain and injuries.

Consider renting reusable plastic moving boxes instead of standard cardboard boxes. They can hold your items safely and add an extra layer of protection. If you use low-quality boxes, your items are prone to become damaged during the moving process.

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2. Have A Plan

One of the best tips for preparing to move is ensuring that your every step is premeditated. Planning saves your resources and allows you to reach your goals. And so, make sure that you have a strategy that articulates how you’re going to move. If you’re not good at that, you can always enlist the help of a professional. It’s also a very good idea to come up with a detailed moving checklist to ensure everything is accounted for.

Having a plan protects you from biting more than you can chew. Maybe you’re running out of time, and you need to hurry things up, and suddenly, you decide to carry loads that are so outrageously above your capability. You not only risk hurting your joints and muscles, but there’s a possibility of the items toppling down, and thus potentially damaging your belongings.

3. Exercise Caution

When it comes to lifting loads, ensure that you’re doing it correctly, to avoid injuries and property damage. Always don gloves before carrying things, have a solid grip, and ensure your back is firm. In case you need to view the other side, never twist your back, but instead, turn your head.

People keep sharp objects in their homes and offices for numerous reasons. Some of the sharp objects you probably possess include knives, shears, and shavers. You need to handle them carefully and put them in the correct storage material. You need to handle them cautiously while packing and unpacking to avoid getting cut.

Don’t undertake moving tasks while dressed as though you’re headed to the club. The wrong gear or shoes can put you at risk of getting injured. Avoid baggy clothes as they can get caught and cause you to fall. Avoid shoes with slippery soles as they can cause you to slide while carrying stuff. Also, wear gloves and masks, to protect yourself from contaminants.

Moreover, you need to inspect your path. If you’re carrying a load into or out of a building, you don’t have the same view of your path as when you’re not carrying anything. If a ball or a stone is lying on your path, it can trip you up. And so, you need to inspect your route and get rid of any potential obstacles before you start carrying the items.

4. Drive Properly

A moving van isn’t probably what you’re used to, and so, you need to be extra careful when transporting your belongings with it. You must learn to apply brakes way sooner, keep a good distance between the moving van and other vehicles, and only change lanes when it’s necessary and the conditions are right.

One of the factors that enhance your ability to drive is quality sleep. Quality sleep enables you to rest and relax your mind. You need quality sleep always, but you need it more the night before moving. It ensures that you have a great mood, energetic, and focused. Thus, quality sleep makes you less likely to experience an accident.

5. Look for Help

Moving can be an exhausting activity, especially if done solo. But you can make things a lot easier by asking for assistance from your family and friends. If you take the initiative to ask for help, you’ll be surprised how many people are willing and ready to assist you.

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