Make These Stops on Your New England Tour

November 16, 2022

If you’re heading to New England, it can be hard to pick where to stop and what to do while you’re here!  Although this is a fantastic portion of the country, the inability to pick is an easy reaction.

Whether you’re here in fall and want fresh maple syrup, or you’re here in the spring just as everything is turning bright green: these are the top stops to make while you’re in the area! 

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Why Tour New England?

Whether you’re looking for Burlington houses for sale, or you’re traveling to show your kids more of the country: touring all of New England is a must!  New England has a little bit of everything, from the fantastic food to friendly and welcoming communities and a rich and incredible past that’s amazing to learn while you’re in town.

This is one of the oldest areas that were settled by Europeans first, which means it’s got more preserved and recorded history than many other parts of the nation. Beyond that, it’s gorgeous throughout the whole year and has countless attractions and fun things to see and do! 

Boston, MA

Boston is world-famous as a wild city that can feel like a world of its own.  From incredible breweries and bars to awesome museums, libraries, and galleries, it’s a perfectly balanced city that offers a little bit of everything.  Try to travel to Boston in the early summer or late spring.  Any time between April and July allows you to skip St. Patrick’s day and the worst of the tourism season while having fun.

Burlington, VT

Burlington is a treat if you haven’t been before!  Not only are there amazing breweries and stores, but you can also enjoy some of the most beautiful architecture in this area of the country.  Burlington has the perfect mix of city and small town feelings, which can leave you feeling like you stepped into a Hallmark movie if you visit in the winter!

Mystic, CT

Only a short drive from Newport, Mystic is a charming small town that allows you to enjoy seaside vibes without the rushed and busy energy of many tourist towns.  This feels like a small port town removed from the world, where you can slow down and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful water.

How to Pack for This Trip

When traveling to New England, how you pack depends heavily on when you’ll be in town.  In the winter, you’ll want to pack tons of warmer clothing, blankets for your car, and coats: but in the summer, you’re fine in just tee shirts and shorts!  Look up the weather the area is expecting before you travel so that you can dress appropriately.  Although you might assume you know what to expect, it’s better to double-check and be safe than to be stuck in sandals in the snow! 

New England is Full of Surprises! 

Whether you’re making a coast-to-coast road trip or you’re trying to pick a new vacation spot: New England should be on the top of your list!  Consider stopping in any of these fantastic cities when you’re ready to travel!

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