How Do You Negotiate Tree Removal?

November 18, 2022

Certain services cannot be negotiated. Thankfully, a tree removal service isn’t one of those services. When you need a tree removal service, contacting a tree removal professional is the right thing to do. However, the cost of the service may be too high for you and this is where your negotiation skills come into play. It is important to begin negotiation while on the phone with the tree service company, that way, the tree service professionals will be prepared to enter a bargain with you when they come to your home. Before you go ahead with negotiating fees with the tree service company, here are some of the important information you should:

What Does it Cost for an Average Tree Removal Service?

If you are looking to call a tree company for your tree removal needs, you could be looking at anything from $200 for a small tree to $1,000 or more for a mature tree of decent height. The service may cost a lot more than this estimate based on several factors including stump grinding or stump-pulling, hazards associated with the tree removal service, etc.

To save costs, it is best to start by sampling the average price charged by two or more tree removal companies in your community. Knowing the average cost of the service gives you a realistic benchmark to work with when negotiating tree removal fees. You should also note that the older and larger the tree is, the higher the tree removal cost. Tree service companies often quote higher prices for older and mature trees because of increased hazards associated with handling them. For larger trees, more tree service experts and equipment are needed for safe removal.

Why is the Cost of Tree Removal High?

The high price of tree removal is attributed to the risks associated with the job. Tree removal, when not done properly puts lives and properties at risk. For each tree removal service, the tree company requires tree removal specialists to take a look at the tree and determine the best line of action. The high cost of tree removal jobs may also be due to other factors like the presence of a power line or other hazardous materials in the surrounding areas. For trees that are close to power lines or those that are entangled in power lines, special skills and safety measures are required to prevent electrocution and other related risks.

Another important factor that affects the price of tree removal services is access. Trees that are easy to access often cost a lot less compared to others that are located between buildings or at the back of a house.  

Negotiating Tree Removal Price for Lesser Amount

If you wish to negotiate for a lower amount, you should be willing to take on some responsibilities that may have contributed to the charges presented. Some of the ways to decrease the tree removal fees include;

Store Logs for Firewood

Your tree service company will most likely charge you an extra fee for cutting up the log of wood and taking it away. A good way to save money is to negotiate this fee out of the general charges. Offer to cut up your tree yourself. The tree service company is bound to reduce the service charge. You can cut up the log of wood into smaller pieces, dry them, and store them to be used later as firewood. Not only are you saving money by reducing the tree removal cost but you can also save money on gas during the cold winter season.

Pull out the Stump Yourself

Stump removal is a service on its own. Tree service companies offer stump removal and stump grinding services as a stand-alone service. As part of the price estimate, the company may have included a stump removal service. Negotiate a lower fee by offering to take care of your stump removal needs. You can decide to leave the stump in place to us used as a seat or you can carve out sculptures from its wood. If the stump is in a location where it can cause accidents, rent a stump shredder and remove it yourself.

Clean Up After

Many tree service companies offer a full-service package that includes tree removal, log cutting, stump removal or stump grinding, and cleanup. Each of the services costs money. You can cut back on the overall cost by offering to clean up after they are done. Cleaning up and handling the garbage can also help to negotiate lower fees.

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