Noisy Pipes 5 Common Issues and Solutions

March 8, 2022

Being in your home, you expect your plumbing to deliver water to your becks and needs. This can be either to your shower, Kitchen, toilets, heaters, dishwasher, and so on. 

Well, the pipes are not so perfect and may start making some irritating noises over time. While the noise may be irksome, the cause of the same is directly related to issues with the plumbing line.  If left unattended, the clogging and drainage problems might cause a disastrous problem. 

In this post, you will get to learn how to detect five common noise pipe issues and the solutions to those problems. You can also get a pro technician for a blocked drain plumber.

Loud Banging Noises in the Water Pipes 

Hearing loud banging noises is one of the most common issues many homeowners face. This is often caused by the high pressure of the water flow and is referred to as a water hammer by professionals. 

Water hammer happens when your faucet is being quickly closed, the energy and momentum of the water flow rushing down to the exit point will hit the closed valve with a loud banging. This can be corrected by fixing a pressure reducer or pressure regulator which should be fixed by a professional plumber. 

Trapped Air in the Pipes 

Another different cause of the loud banging noises may be trapped oxygen in the air chamber. Air can be trapped in the pipes as a result of plumbing issues. If the banging noise is caused by trapped air, this will happen whenever you turn on a faucet. You might also hear bubbling noises as the air moves in and out, have it checked immediately by a professional. 

Shaking or Rattling Water Pipes 

While most pipes are placed into walls, ceilings, or floors of your home, some require fastening or hanging to a wall. If any of the slips get loosened, then the pipe may start swaying or moving as water runs through it. 

Also, this can be caused by the expansion of the pipes, most especially for copper pipes. Hot or warm water expands the copper pipes, but when they reduce in size again, they tend to scrap against house joists or support brackets. 

If you hear jostling coming from a floorboard or the ceiling of your home, you should promptly call on a professional plumber to check and fix the issue. 

Worn Out Washers 

Hearing a whistling noise might be a result of a worn-out washer in a tap or valve. If you hear this noise when making use of the washing machine, then the problem is coming from the valve of your washer. Simply shut off the valve and inspect all the washers in the house. Replace worn-out and cracked washer.  

If the noise persists after this, then you need to contact a professional plumber to check, fix or replace the tap. 

Fault in the Main Shut-Off Valve 

You will likely experience a squealing noise if the main shut-off valve or water pressure regulator in your home is faulty. This noise is most cases is felt at every corner of your home. 

All you need to do is to replace the valve after turning off the mains supplying water from the street. If the noise persists, then inspect your cold water line, if there is low water pressure, then you need to fix the reducer’s manifold. 

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