Online Payments Methods in Canadian Online Casinos

If you have considerable experience with the online gambling industry in Canada, then you know how much it has developed during recent years, and how much it still grows every single day. The payment structure was one of the first things to undergo a lot of change. Nowadays, online payments in Canadian online casinos are versatile, quick, and effective, and all you have to do is choose which method you want to use during your gaming spree. Whether you have some money left over at the end of the month or are looking to spend the remaining cash that was unexpectedly left over after your solar electricity project, here are a few options that you have. 

Online Payments in Canadian Online Casinos – The Five Most Used Methods

From e-wallets to Bitcoin and all the way to credit cards, today’s gambling market leaves one with many options and opportunities. While you can find dozens of different payment methods across Canada’s casinos, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to list five of the most used ones. As an extra perk, all of these payment solutions are used for other segments of life, as people use them to pay their mortgage, car installments, gym memberships – you name it. 


PayPal is not only one of the most used payment methods in the gambling world, but it is also loved and used by millions of Canadians in their daily lives. This payment service makes it easy for a person to send and receive money from anywhere in the world, as PayPal is available in more than 200 countries. The payment system also supports 25 currencies and is generally considered to be among the cheapest and most convenient ways to send money. 

That being said, you can rely solely on PayPal if you wish to fund your new passion for gambling, or you can combine it with other more conventional methods. You can find just as many bank transfer online casino sites in CA as you can find the ones accepting PayPal, so you are at liberty to combine a few of them.


For a long time, standard checks were the holy grail of all purchases, as they were being used left and right. Well, for some people, not much has changed since those days, as they still use checks on a daily basis. The only difference is that, now, you can use a check-in in its electronic form, which would save you from a lot of unnecessary hassle. After all, who loves going to the bank and wasting precious hours every other week? 

Electronic checks work the same way as conventional checks, and they are accepted in many online casinos in Canada. They also have one other thing working for them, as they are quicker than regular checks. Likewise, they are cheaper to process than conventional checks and even credit cards, which is why they have quickly become one of the most loved payment methods. Hey, who can say no to low fees?


The true beauty of online payments in Canadian online casinos is best seen through the system’s versatility. Apart from e-wallets and electronic checks, Canada’s most passionate gamblers also have prepaid online payment solutions at their disposal, with Paysafecard being the shining example of those. For starters, these cards are completely independent of any credit card or bank account information, so you’ll never have to worry about privacy and security. They work on a 16-digit PIN code that needs to be typed in, and you can purchase this card in many of your local sales outlets. 

Paysafecard is a widely accepted form of payment in Canada’s gambling industry, and you can sign up for an account free of charge. Keep in mind that this prepaid system comes with one huge benefit when it comes to gambling – preventing you from spending more money than planned. Since the money on the card is fixed, you can’t go over the budget and get yourself into debt. Nothing is more important than being safe when gambling, as that will prevent you from developing an addiction. 

Credit cards

For some people, nothing beats the convenience and familiarity of good old credit cards. Luckily for those people, they still reign supreme as one of the most often used online payment methods in Canada’s online casinos. Gambling is an activity that’s legal and regulated in many parts of Canada, which is why it’s allowed to resort to payment methods that have anything to do with your bank account. Keep in mind that this refers to debit cards, as well, as they are just as used and accepted. 

While Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are the most used and well-known brands, you’ll be able to utilize credit cards issued by other companies, as well. But to make sure that the casino you want to play at will accept your card, it’s always a good idea to do some research. Every reliable casino should have a page or, at least, a portion of their website that’s dedicated to banking methods, so scan this section from top to bottom.


Just like there are many old-fashioned forms of payment that are still in use, there are just as many groundbreaking ones that haven’t been around a decade ago. Technically, the first cryptocurrency did originate in 2009, but it’s taken many years for it to become widely used and accepted. Therefore, if you are someone who revels in modern tech tools and technological advances, then there’s a good chance that you are already using some form of crypto.  

As it currently stands, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin (along with a few others) are gladly accepted payment solutions in Canadian online casinos. The number of casinos that accept crypto payments is still relatively limited, but you should know that there’s every chance that will change in the years to come. These days, there are many online casinos in Canada that have crypto payments in focus, putting fiat currency at the bottom of the priority list.




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