How To Process Payroll? Payroll Vs Bookkeeping

February 8, 2022

The process of paying the employees is known as payroll. Before running payroll, you will need to manage the process of payroll so that employees will be paid properly. Rather than salary or wages, overtime pay, fringe benefits, commissions, bonuses will be included in payroll. You have several methods to do payroll for your business such as do payroll by hand, payroll outsourcing, use payroll software, etc. payroll by hand will be time-consuming for you. The time-consuming nature of payroll is the reason why small businesses choose to hire payroll outsourcing services. When it comes to payroll processing, many small businesses choose to do it by themselves. If you are a small business owner and want to process payroll on your own, there are several steps you need to follow:

  • To get paid, employees need to fill W-4 form with personal documents attached with it. For every new employee, you will need a new hire report.
  • Before running payroll on your own, you will need to collect the identification number of employees.
  • Make a schedule for payroll. And mark the dates on your calendar which includes employee pay dates.
  • You’ll have to research your state policies to withhold taxes from your employees’ pay.
  • After subtracting deductions, calculate the net pay and pay your employees accurately. 

If your small business has a lot of employees, then managing payroll will be challenging for you. So, choosing the best payroll software or payroll outsourcing is the best option for you. Automatic payroll software is the one that can save a lot of your time. While choosing the software you should make sure that the price of advanced features of software must be reasonable. The software will reduce the risk of errors. The software will handle your payroll taxes, new hires, and produce payroll accurately on time. But if you think the software is not suitable for your business. You can choose payroll outsourcing services. There are multifarious interpretations as to payroll outsourcing. To be explicit about what payroll outsourcing actually is, it has to be regarded as the services entailed by other payroll service providers. Payroll outsourcing provides various functions. They are recording the working hours of employees, ensuring accurate payroll tax and deductions, fast salary transfers to bank accounts of employees, and ensuring that the payroll is distributed correctly and on time, etc. The best payroll companies for small businesses will give you tips and help you to find the right solution for your problems. So many companies work closely with a PEO in order to streamline the payroll processes.

Bookkeeping vs Payroll:

What is Payroll?

 Payroll is simply the process of paying the employees in an organization. This pay will not stay the same because of overtime and sick holidays. There are two types of payroll: hourly employee’s payroll and salaried employee’s payroll. Hourly employees are paid based on the hours they work. They will not get the fixed amount. If they are doing overtime, then overtime pay will also be included in their net pay. The amount given to them is called Wages. While salaried employees will get a fixed amount. They do not prefer over time and do not get bonuses. So based on their company’s payroll policy, they will get their amount. This amount is called a Salary. The process of payroll is mentioned above. Payroll professionals handle all tasks related to payroll and are responsible for their tasks.

What is Bookkeeping?

As mentioned above, doing payroll by hand is time-consuming. A bookkeeper is a person who will handle, how to do payroll. Not only this, a bookkeeper stores all financial transactions of the related company. These financial transactions include payment of taxes, loans, investments, employee payroll, and other expenses, etc. Bookkeeping is also the process of managing and organizing the inventory list of all the transactions, sales, and purchases made by a particular organization or enterprise. That inventory list is used for balancing the accounts at the end of the Bookkeeping cycle. Bookkeeping has majorly been digitized with the emergence of e-commerce and other platforms in particular. The c-commerce world is equivocally subject to Bookkeeping the way the rest of the enterprises and businesses are. The process of manual management of inventory lists is losing its ground on account of their non-plausibility for the larger firms. Without bookkeeping, companies are unable to see their current financial reports.  For bookkeeping, you can hire a bookkeeping software that is beneficial for you because businesses rely on accurate bookkeeping. Bookkeeping software will always keep your record up to date. You have no fear of miscalculations in data. Also, this software ensures that your employees are paid accurately on time or not. 

Changing Paradigms of Payroll in Pandemic.

Payroll and Bookkeeping are traditionally orchestrated to deal with traditional businesses and enterprises. But the traditionalism is of businesses and enterprises is changing vehemently. Especially, in times of pandemic, things are changing way too drastically. At present, a Remote/Work From Home scenario is prevailing all over the globe. To what extent, traditional payroll and bookkeeping are effectuated for enterprises and businesses? Manual Payroll and Bookkeeping literally lost their ground in fulfilling the payroll and business needs. The manifestation of Manual Payroll Processing and Bookkeeping are declining on account of prevailing scenarios. What then? Software-Based Payroll Processing and Bookkeeping are today’s talk of the town for enterprises and smaller businesses. Software-based Payroll Solutions and Bookkeeping are more likely to succeed keeping in view the prevailing interpretations of the financial operations in the bigger enterprises. 

Scope of Bookkeeping in Emerging E-commerce World.

Likewise, Bookkeeping is meant to deal with traditionally entailed enterprises and businesses. On the other hand, e-commerce is a whole new concept that is outperforming the traditional enterprises and businesses in the financial world. Is Bookkeeping equivocally applicable to these E-commerce platforms like that of any traditional enterprise in the world? Precisely. The interpretation of Bookkeeping is equivocally objectified for the better management of the e-commerce world like that of any enterprise in the world. There are a lot of things associated with Bookkeeping as well as the e-commerce world. Rather, the scope of Bookkeeping is traditionally increasing with the emergence of these platforms. But due to the bulky volume of the sales and purchases, the need for Software-based Bookkeeping is becoming inevitable in the majority of financial circles. Manual Bookkeeping is literally not validated enough to cover the needs and necessities of this emerging necessity in the corporate and enterprise world. Conclusively, it can be anticipated that the role of Bookkeeping has manifold increased with the emergence of the E-commerce world.


Both payroll and bookkeeping are related to the company’s financial circle. If you are running a small business, then you cannot go without payroll and bookkeeping. Inaccurate payroll and bookkeeping will turn your business image down. So you need to hire affordable payroll and bookkeeping services for your business growth. Bookkeeping and payroll are never going to lose their ground on account of their plausibility for the enterprises and businesses. But it has to be kept on board, that the paradigms of the plausibility of Payroll and Bookkeeping are changing drastically in order to meet the prerequisites of the contemporary era. In the last 50 years, Bookkeeping and Payroll Services have gone all out from manual means of bookkeeping and payroll processing to Software-Based Bookkeeping and Payroll Processing. Things are further changing and evaluating in order to entail the furtherance of advancement in this very concept. The prevailing strength and standardization of an organization cannot simply be carried out without the effective implementation and orientation of Bookkeeping and Payroll Services. Without them, the managerial circles of such an organization would ultimately collapse. To the enterprises from that anticipated collapse, it is inevitable to get along with Bookkeeping and Payroll Services in an effective manner.

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