Printed Paper vs. Screen – You Decide

February 8, 2022

As we are increasingly moving towards a paperless society, our lives are getting sucked in by tech gadgets and, most importantly, our screens. Let us have a look at e-books. For instance, many prefer using a reliable pdf, such as the Soda PDF, and having the word document(s) printed instead of straining their eyes unnecessarily. Let us look at how reading printed pages is better than having our eyes glued to screens for longer time intervals. 

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More Information – Greater Attention Span

The thing about tech gadgets is that we are used to scanning information on today’s online landscape instead of consciously absorbing it. According to a survey, the readers of printed paper can absorb more information and maintain their focus for a longer period than the readers of e-books. It has also been noticed that the students who prepared for their exam from printed PDF files scored higher than students who prepared from online study materials on their computer screens. 

Mental health specialists have also assessed that the readers of printed books, magazines, and pages tend to get immersed in the pages and are in a better position to understand the narrative of the content. By converting a book into a PDF format and having it printed, as a student, you are in a better position to keep track of your progress, make notes, and become an active participant in the narrative.

By having things in the printed format, you will find it easier to revert to some pages that you might have overlooked and confirm your doubts, speculations, and information. 

Printed Pages Help Children Become Avid Readers 

Instead of encouraging your children to read e-books, you will help them become avid readers by giving them real-life paper books. According to a survey, young children (age 3-5) have a lower score at understanding a story when reading to them by their parents/ teacher from an e-book. On the other hand, their score of comprehending the story and plotline increased significantly with a printed book. Besides, the children were not distracted by other things available in the tech device and had a less hard time focusing on the storyline. It has also been analyzed that students have a harder time focusing on the story when they use tech gadgets, such as an eBook. They also have difficulty in remembering the unfolding of events, characters, and the plotline.

Paper is Easy on the Eyes

We know that screens can damage the health of our eyes, and not everyone is aware of the 20-20 rule. The pandemic has already caused most of us to rely on our screens more than before, which is why papers have become a luxury. With the right PDF creator, you can align your content and have it printed. Instead of staring at the screens for relentlessly long hours, we recommend you to be kind to your eyes and absorb the world of printed paper and printed books. In addition, you are also less likely to get distracted as you absorb the information.

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