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Our site only allows the authorized writers and freelancers to make their contribution in the content creation, editing as well as publishing of the content on the site. We focus to generate a productive piece of content for our website and therefore for every particular category of the site we have a separate and unique team of writers, editors, and developers.

The selected team of editors, writers, and developers aim high to keep as well as maintain both the high ethical standards and other legal requirements for the site.

Not only that, they together perform in-depth research to present in front of you the right, trustworthy and qualified content that can also be used in your day to day practical lives. However, the use of our site is subjected to ‘Terms of Use’ and they’re as follows:

Terms of Use


  • We do not hold any right on the information available (such as names and details of the applications, products, persons, services, and videos, etc) on the ‘All Needy’ website.
  • We only hold rights to (temporarily or permanently) delete, change or modify the site or any of its specific portions with or without any notice
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‘All Needy’ is not considered responsible for any inaccuracies, incompleteness, errors, mistakes, or inaccuracy in the available information as the effectiveness of the content may vary from user to user individuality.

Terms of Use:

We and authorized members hold the right to make any change in the Terms of Use; so, it is advisable for all the ‘All Needy’ users that you should check our Terms of Use regularly. We can make any sort of change effective on our site at any given point of time and your continued use of the site determines to us your agreement with our terms and conditions.

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Privacy Policy:

We may collect personal information and data directly from you if you choose to provide that data to us. So, if you’re interested in making a continuous use of our site, you may provide us details like your name, date of birth, contact number, and other similar details as well. However, we only collect such personal information from you when you subscribe to us using the prescribed domain.

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