How to Prolong Your Phone’s Battery Life

February 8, 2022

It’s no secret that smartphone battery capacities have come on leaps and bounds over the past decade. However, Elite Content Maker states that people spend around three hours and 15 minutes a day on their phones. Because of that, draining your battery life can occur quite quickly, and you’ll find yourself having to switch on battery-saving mode at the end of the day. But what can we do to prolong our mobile’s battery life?

Why Do People Quickly Run Out of Charge? 

There are many reasons why mobiles quickly run out of charge in the digital era. Now that smartphones are more advanced than ever before, consumers demand a lot from their phones. While they provide a convenient route to the latest content, video streaming apps are battery killers. Netflix and YouTube eat into your phone’s battery life because of their demanding nature. Moreover, they also send draining notifications. Aside from the above, social media also negatively impacts your mobile’s capacity because platforms like Facebook and Twitter continue to run in the background and generate pop-up notifications.  

Entertainment-based activities are the leading contributors to diminishing a phone’s battery life. As a result, it’ll come as no surprise to hear that mobile games impact a smartphone’s capacity. That said, to prolong gaming experiences on graphically-enhanced open-world titles, like Sky: Children of the Light, look to play with a near-full charge. Furthermore, those using their smartphone to become real online casino masters will also eat through their batteries. The offerings from Casino Masters are available on mobile, allowing gamers to play live-dealer creations, table games, and video slots. Much like Sky: Children of the Light, The Dog House Megaways, for example, is also best played when your phone has a healthy level of charge. 

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Tips to Maximize Your Battery Life 

Unfortunately, a smartphone inevitably loses its charge. That said, even when indulging in the latest entertainment opportunities and social media posts, there are several ways to prolong your smartphone’s daily lifespan. Unlike prior creations, modern-day phones don’t have battery memories, meaning that fully charging or discharging your mobile is unnecessary, as per Medium. The report states that smartphone batteries come under less stress when below 90 percent and above 20 percent charge, with 50 percent being the optimal level. Huawei supports this suggestion, claiming that anywhere from 30 percent to 70 percent prolongs a mobile’s battery life. 

From an in-setting standpoint, manually turning on Power Saving Mode will help to extend your smartphone’s battery life. This feature automatically comes on below 20 percent charge on Android mobiles, and the maximum setting ensures that your phone only runs pivotal apps and services, as per PCMag. Not only that but turning off Adaptive Brightness can also prolong charge capacity, as a brighter screen requires more power to run.   

Re-Think How You Use Your Smartphone 

Naturally, different smartphones come with various batteries, meaning that some offer more long-lasting experiences. However, that doesn’t mean that battery management isn’t of utmost importance. There’s nothing wrong with watching the newest shows or playing the latest games, but turning off notifications and lowering your screen brightness will prolong your smartphone’s charge life.

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