Pros and Cons of Ants in Your Yard

October 20, 2022

Ants inhabited the earth for a long time, owing to their different species and adaptability, they can be found almost anywhere. Biologically, they are economically beneficial to farmers and on the other hand, they can become a pest to crops.

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This article uncovers some advantages and disadvantages of ants in your yard. Have a good read. 

Pros of Ants in Your Yard 

Aerated Soil 

Ants live in the ground, this requires that they burrow through the soil to form their habitation. The act of making holes in the ground gives room for air to pass through the soil. This is a necessity for plant growth. Having ants in your yard enables plants to get the needed water, sunlight, and nutrients. 

They Act As Decomposers

After manure is applied on a farm, it only makes an impact when it is decomposed, ants just like earthworms help in decomposition. They break down compost manure which in turn aids plant growth. 

They Add Fertilizers

Ants go around scouting for food like leaves, and small portions of dead insects among others. They don’t consume everything, hence, the remnants get decomposed in the soil and also serve as fertilizer. 

Ants also pollinate flowers and help in breaking down seeds for proper germination. 

They Eat Other Pests

Some ants are predators and so they feed on some smaller herbivores that destroy plant leaves and stems, thereby reducing the impact of the pest on your crops. Ants save you the stress and resources of spraying insecticides on your farm. 

Beyond this, there are some downsides to having ants in your yard.

Cons of Ants in Your Yard

Ants Feasts on Fruits

Ants get attracted to sweet things, if you have an orchard with edible fruits, they can get rotten and inedible due to ant infestation. 

This act is bad for business as it can also invade your home and feast on sugary content. 

They Feed on Grass Seeds

 Ants do not only feed on fruits and some other pests, they also consume grass seeds which are meant for germination. 

If you intend to cultivate grasses on your farm, this can pose a great problem, in that, some seeds may not grow as expected. 

Burrows Can Cause Soil Dryness

Remember that ants make tunnels in the ground which to an extent improves the passage of air, sunlight, and water. This is also a disadvantage when the soil cannot retain any nutrients or water due to the large holes therein. 

This can cause dryness and in the long run, the death of the plant. 

Harmful Bites

The presence of ants in your yard will expose you to their bites or stings, this can be fatal and painful if they are venomous. The position of an ant colony or nest determines the impact of their bite on you. This doesn’t apply to all ants, so before getting rid of them, please check the species of ants in your yard. 

Damage Lawns

Ants always form a huge hill wherever they find themselves and this can modify the beauty of your lawn and also make it impossible to lie on. Having many ant hills on your lawn is not a good sight and this can also destroy the lawn in the long run. 

Attracts Pests and Birds

Ants are edible for birds and other insects, owing to this, they serve as food and also attract other animals and insects that can destroy your farm. 

Birds after eating up ants will get attracted to fruits on the tree, grasshoppers will also feed on the leaves of crops and all these will affect the productivity of the plant.

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