Remote work: pros and cons

February 8, 2022

The Reasons for the Existence and Development of Remote Work.

Due to the development of the labor market at a particular stage of market processes in countries with developed economies, this format has become a requirement for further development. Before the historically known industrial revolution of the XVIII century, artisans kept their production at home. After the appearance of manufacturers and factories, artisans organized their professional activities at the relevant enterprises. At a certain point in economic development, it became appropriate to partially return production processes to the employee’s place of residence.

Pros and Cons of Remote Work

Working from home has many benefits. However, we should consider all the advantages and disadvantages in a specific situation due to the state of development of the company and the professional goals of the specialist.

At a particular stage, for example, the professional development of a specialist, some things stand out as advantages, but later may become disadvantages.

However, you can identify the following well-known benefits of remote employment for the employee:

  • Ability to create a personalized daily routine.
  • Significant savings of time and money because you don’t need to commute to the company’s office.
  • High mobility and the ability to travel without interrupting the work process.
  • Ability to individually organize the workspace.
  • For many workers, it is much easier to concentrate on work at home.

The Main Disadvantages Include the Following Points:

  • The problem of self-organization at work. For some people, it is easier to concentrate while being in a familiar environment at home. Still, for others, on the contrary – you need strict rules and regulations, which are defined in the office.
  • Another disadvantage is a lack of live communication. If the employee does not travel, this disadvantage of work at home can be pretty significant for the person’s general health condition.
  • If the employees are at the initial stage of their career, there is a high probability of a lack of career growth. Employers of big companies want to hire employees with some experience, which could be gained in the office.
  • Another important problem is the habit of being at home for most of the life and leading a sedentary lifestyle. This affects a person’s physical shape and health.

The Main Advantages of Remote Work for Business:

• Cost optimization because the employee does not need to organize a workplace in the office.

• Opportunity to get a qualified worker to compete with large companies in the labor market because workers from remote towns agree to work in spite of getting lower pay than professionals in large cities

• A way to attract highly qualified workers who do not agree to move to a new city

• Increased employees’ productivity, while at home, the employee is interested in completing the stated task as soon as possible.

The main disadvantage of this format of employment for businesses is the problem of organizing processes at work.
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