Top 4 Questions About Heart Failure to Ask Your Doctor

January 30, 2023

Questions About Heart Failure to Ask Your Doctor

Did you know that around 6.5 million Americans have heart failure? If you or a loved one recently received a heart failure diagnosis, you might have a million questions running through your mind. We are here to share some top questions about heart failure that you want to make sure you ask your doctor. 

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What Health Checks Do I Need to Do?

You want to have a clear understanding of the health checks that you need to do at home and also how to do these checks. For example, you want to know exactly how you should be checking your weight while you’re at home. You also want to learn how to check your own blood pressure and pulse correctly.

Ask if you need any special supplies for these health checks and when you need to perform these checks. Make sure you are clear on how you should keep track of your weight, pulse, and blood pressure as well. 

What Are the Signs That It’s Getting Worse?

It is a good thing to be familiar with the exact signs that you are not getting better. An example is if you notice a sudden weight gain, or you notice your legs swelling up, or a cardiac cough. Make sure you are aware of the symptoms and signs if you were to suddenly experience a heart attack or angina. 

When you are asking about this also clear up with your doctor when you should call 911 or your doctor themselves. 

What are the Medicines I Have to Take?

You also want to be well-educated on the medicines that you are taking to treat your heart failure. Ask if they have any side effects that you need to be aware of and if you accidentally miss a dose, what should you do. 

Don’t be afraid to ask if you will have to take these for the rest of your life or if it will ever be safe to stop taking any of your medications in the future. One last thing to clear up about your medications is if there are any over-the-counter medicines that aren’t compatible.

How Can I Make My Heart Stronger?

Depending on your specific type of heart failure, there might be certain changes that you can make in your life to make your heart a bit stronger. For example, ask if there is a specific food diet that will help you strengthen your heart. Ask if you can eat certain things when you go to your favorite restaurant that will help rather than hurt you. 

Also, make sure you ask how much fluid or water you can drink every day.

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Ready to Ask Your Doctor These Questions About Heart Failure?

Now that we shared the top questions about heart failure to ask your doctor, you can gather your thoughts and list and ask away. Although this is a serious diagnosis that you shouldn’t take lightly, it doesn’t mean that your life is over. 

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