8 Questions to Ask Your New Partner

February 8, 2022

Getting to know a new partner is one of the most exciting parts of a relationship. Whether it’s the first date or a few months in, finding out more about the person you’re attracted to can be fun and emotionally rewarding. If you’re in the throes of a new relationship, below are 8 questions that you can ask your new partner.

What’s Your Weirdest Habit or Quirk?

Questions like these can be a good icebreaker. It’s also good to know ahead of time what habits or quirks your new partner might have. Who knows? They could be endearing habits that make you fall head over heels, or they could have you running for the hills! 

What’s Your Biggest Weakness?

This sounds a bit like an interview question, but it can be a good way to open up a deeper conversation. Depending on how long you’ve been with your new partner, the answer to this question could really show you what makes them tick. Sharing weaknesses can also be a good way to share your vulnerabilities. 

Why Did Your Last Relationship End?

You’ll likely cover this topic anyway, but it’s a good one to ask because it can be a predictor of things to come. You can also gauge whether your new partner is hesitant in new relationships because of how the last one ended. While some people are remiss to discuss their previous relationships, sharing these details can deepen intimacy and help you understand your partner’s patterns, motivations, and how they resolve conflict.

What Dreams Do You Have for the Future?

Perhaps they’re already living their dream, or maybe they’re just starting out. Either way, getting to know your partner’s dreams can help you bond. You might even find out you have similar dreams that you can aim for together. 

Is There Anything You Want to Try in the Bedroom?

Depending on how it’s going, you could ask this question on a first date. Or perhaps you’ve been together for a while and are curious about introducing new things into your sex life. If you and your new partner are on the adventurous side, you may even want to shop around for sex toys in Australia. Buying these together and choosing ones to suit you both can certainly ramp up the romance!

What’s the Best Gift You’ve Ever Received?

The answer to this question can give good clues about what your new partner likes and what types of gifts you can give them in the future. How they respond also gives you a sense of how appreciative of you they are, whether they’re picky, and how giving they are themselves. 

What is Your Favorite Childhood Memory?

Knowing about your partner’s childhood is also another great way to bond. Even if they had a difficult one, you are allowing them to open up. It also shows that you care about their life and history, which can go a long way towards deepening the relationship.

What’s Your Ideal Date Night?

If you’re in the very early stages of your relationship, finding out about their ideal date night can be an exciting way to get to know them. You could then stage a similar date night or share your own ideal night so that you can come up with fun ways to spend time together.

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