7 Quirky Pool Designs for Palm Beach County

January 9, 2023

Palm Beach County is a luxury location, and one of the most desirable places to live in South Florida. With so many warm days, great scenery and landscaping to work with, and more, it’s a great place to build a pool. But how can you make your home stand out in this luxury location? Ditch the standard rectangular pool and go for something unique, fun, and classy. Put together by pool builders in Palm Beach County, here are some quirky designs that can make your property unique. 

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Grecian Pools

Grecian pools are a great way to utilize space and keep your home looking classy. A Grecian pool usually features completely enclosed decking and landscaping. The edges are rounded off, but the main rectangle shape is maintained throughout the edges. True Grecian pools feature a wading section, with a deeper option if you prefer being able to dive and swim.

The mosaic tile relief is one of the best ways to class this common design up. Use blue and white quartz to create a beautiful Mediterranean design. Add large urns with plant life, and maybe throw in a fountain or two along the edge of the pool. However you choose to style it, a Grecian pool adds a touch of class to your backyard. 

Hidden Grottos

If you have the space and the funds, creating a hidden grotto around your pool can be a great way to add a touch of unique flair to your backyard. Build a structure around part of your pool – a small shape jutting off of your design works well. Then, cover it with edge rocks and natural vegetation to make it look natural. Use a waterfall feature to hide the entrance, and swim inside for a shady getaway.

Rock Formations

If you want a more organic, natural look for your pool, consider a rock formation or waterfall feature (or both). You can create organic edges for your pool with strategically-placed rocks. You can use a stacked or piled rock formation to create a waterfall in your pool, too. Get creative with your designs! Create a double-tiered pool design with a rock formation separating them, and use colored lights to make the space shine. 

Unusual Shapes

Freeform pools give you the freedom to choose pools with many unusual shapes. Want a pool shaped like a guitar? A freeform pool can make it happen! As long as you have a larger yard or space to expand, you can create any shape you can dream of. Common options include cats, painter’s pallets, shells, aquatic animals, the yin-yang symbol, and even the state of Florida!

Geometric Designs

Geometric designs can be tame, but they can also be quirky. Choose a design that incorporates several shapes stacked together, with rounded edges, differently-sized triangles, and more. You can create just about any shape you like, especially when you’re working with a freeform pool. If you want a geometric look (or maybe several smaller pools connected by a lazy river), consider what shapes you can use in your pool design.

Mosaic Tilework

Mosaic tilework can change the entire look of your pool. Depending on the type of pool you have, the finish on the bottom of your pool can be changed to tile, glass, or quartz. Add colored tiles to create a floral, mandala, or sunburst pattern to make an impact. This unique flair makes your pool look great from above, too. 

Spa Placement

Most hot tubs are either separate from the pool or placed just on the edge. It doesn’t have to be this way! Some geometric pools are designed to place the spa right in the middle! These designs can even feature waterfall edges that help incorporate the raised spa into the rest of the pool ecosystem. While these designs are a little harder to reproduce when remodeling your pool, if you’re working on a fresh build it could be a great nonstandard option.


Your backyard should be an oasis. Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond with your pool design. Incorporate some of these quirky designs, or ask your pool builder what some of the most unique pools they’ve worked on look like. You might be surprised at how amazing a nonstandard pool can make you feel! 

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