Why Should You Consider Buying Saffron?

January 31, 2022

We Indians are obsessed with our foods, and that is the reason why we use so many ingredients that have different benefits for our minds and body. Some ingredients are so special and exquisite that they are too expensive and sometimes not within the reach of a common man. If we talk about one such ingredient that has a rich cultural heritage and prominence in Indian households, it surely has to be saffron. 

These red, small, and thin strands have a very pleasant aroma, and they are mostly used to provide color to a dish. It has a very warming taste, which makes it ideal to be used in Indian desserts like kheer, vermicelli, etc. But the most fascinating thing about Buy Saffron online is that, not only enhances the taste of your food but has a bundle of health benefits associated with it. Its origin lies in Greece, where people consumed it to improve their memory, enhance or boost their mood, etc. Saffron is so expensive because of the cumbersome cultivating process involved in it along with the hard work of the labor. Following are some of the benefits of consuming saffron in your everyday life:

  • Helps in relieving oneself from symptoms of depression: With the hectic lifestyle that all of us are living today, health problems like depression and anxiety have risen by a large number. No matter how many physical workouts you do, you always feel left out, or you are not able to revive that energy back in your body, this is where saffron can be very helpful for you. Saffron has been scientifically known to boost your mood and make it calm and serene. Some studies that saffron-based supplements were more effective in treating mild symptoms of depression, in comparison to other supplements in the market. That is why people who feel the basic symptoms of depression, should consider consuming at least 30 mg of saffron each day, just like they would consume any other daily supplement. They can easily buy saffron online without any hitch. 
  • Protects against cancer-causing radicals: Saffron is a miraculous ingredient because it contains tons of antioxidants that help with benefiting the human body in one way or the other. And this is due to the antioxidants only, that saffron can neutralize the effect of free radicals inside the human body, which is the major reason for cancer origination. Studies have shown that saffron has the potency to kill cancer-causing cells which attack your colon, prostate, greats, skin, etc., without causing any kind of damage to your existing or normal cells in the body. Kashmiri saffron can even make these cancer cells very prone to the drugs used in chemotherapy, due to which they get easily destroyed during the treatment and your body can regenerate new and healthy cells.
  • Acts as a great appetite suppressant: Weight gain is a major problem being faced by people today, and the only reason for that is constant snacking and binge eating, without doing any physical workout during the day. Saffron can help you with this because it is known to suppress your appetite by a certain amount so that you feel full most of the time and snack very less than usual. This has been proved by scientific research, which states that women who consumed organic saffron supplements for continuous 8 weeks, experienced less urge to snack often than women who consumed no supplements. Hence, the women in the former category were able to reduce their weight by a significant amount in less time.

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  • Helps with preventing heart problems: When you take continuous stress and eat unhealthy food all the time, you are bound to experience some of the other kinds of heart disease in your life, which can often include heart attacks and strokes. If you already had one, then you should give a try to pure saffron, because it contains a lot of antioxidants that help in unclogging all your arteries and blood vessels, so that the blood supply to your heart never gets stopped and your blood gets purified without any harm. Along with all this, saffron helps in reducing the cholesterol levels in your blood, which automatically helps you to get rid of heart problems in the future.
  • Can be consumed in any way: It’s not mandatory that you should be eating saffron by putting it in some favorite dish of yours, because you eat it just as it is. You should be careful about the amount that you consume daily, because excess consumption may have side effects. You can put the best saffron into your rice dishes like Biryani because it gives it a wonderful yellow color and provides a pleasant aroma and taste. While many people use it in desserts, you can add in dishes you like, because it has a very light taste, and it doesn’t affect the overall taste of your dish. You just need to soak some saffron strands in hot water or milk and keep it for some time so that it can release its flavor and color in the liquid and then you can use it in any way you like.
  • Can be very helpful for old people: Old citizens face problems like weak eyesight and memory loss, due to which they are not able to remember anything correctly and hence they become annoyed easily. They can start consuming saffron every day since scientific studies show that saffron has medicinal properties and a lot of plant compounds that help with recovering your weak eyesight and making your vision stronger than before. Along with all this, it can also help you in remembering things and may eradicate your Alzheimer’s problem in the long run. But it can only happen when saffron is consumed regularly and in the right dosage, because only then can you experience real results by kesar. 

With the rapid advancements in technology, now you can buy pure Kesar online and enjoy the benefits of this wonderful ingredient without stepping out of your home.

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