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A Review of the BetMGM Sportsbook App

Sports betting has become a big deal in the last couple of years in New York since the state approved several different companies to launch sportsbooks for residents who are over 21 to be able to place wagers on different sports and other events. 

The BetMGM sportsbook app is one of the best options on the market, and below is a brief introduction about what to expect from the app and why it is a good choice.

What is Sports Betting?

In the broadest terms, sports betting is all about predicting the results of a sporting (or other) event and placing a wager on the results with the idea of winning some money. 

Sports betting is available on things like football, soccer, hockey, baseball, and basketball. You can also place wagers on MMA fights and boxing, horse racing, and greyhound racing. You can even wager on other events – popular options include presidential elections, reality shows, and award ceremonies like the Oscars. 

BetMGM App Basics

Launched a week after New York State legalized online sports betting, the BetMGM app is the official mobile betting app from the popular land-based casino conglomerate MGM Resorts International. 

The BetMGM app is available on PC and laptops, but it can also be downloaded to iOS and Android smartphones. 

You need to be at least 21 to open an account with BetMGM. 

You can fund your account using credit and debit cards, bank transfers, ACH, as well as PayPal. You can also fund your account at a cashier window at one of the MGM Resorts land-based casinos, and the minimum deposit is $10. 

Withdrawals can be made in the same way – and they are fast and hassle-free usually, without cost. For most people, withdrawing in the same way as they deposited is the simplest.

BetMGM App Bonuses

The initial bonus you get as a new customer with BetMGM is $1000 in bets. 

There are other promotions that change frequently, and these can include things like:

  • $3 bonus for every three-pointer in basketball playoffs
  • Free Money Mondays
  • Bet $10, get $10 back.
  • Superbowl specials
  • March Madness

Part of the benefits of the BetMGM app is that you can also become part of the MGM Rewards program, which works in land-based casinos as well as on the app. 

Playing with the BetMGM app earns you reward points and can lead to things like custom bonus offers, dedicated betting windows, hotel comps, and birthday bonus bets. Simply, the more you bet, the more points you earn, getting both rewards credits and tier credits that help you earn more points too. 

App Essentials

The best thing about the BetMGM app is that it is super simple to navigate and use. The biggest events are prominently displayed throughout the different menus, and the whole setup is designed to work seamlessly with your smartphone thanks to the native app creation. 

In the app, you can find the games and matches that you want to bet on, and you can view the odds, place wagers, and follow along with in-game betting. 

There are multiple bet options available, including:

  • Point spreads.
  • Money lines
  • Over/under points totals.
  • Futures
  • Parlays
  • Teasers
  • Propositions
  • In-play


One of the biggest draws for players is the opportunity to stream certain games from the app itself – this makes it really easy to keep an eye on how well your wagers are performing. Some of the streaming options include games from the NBA, NHL, tennis, soccer, and more. 


BetMGM boasts one of the largest markets for wagering, including all the major competitions and some more niche betting opportunities too. They offer great market depth both for US sports and games but also internationally too, so you can follow and bet on the English Premier League soccer or wager on Ryan Reynolds’ Wrexham team to win their league if that is something that you are interested in. 

The more niche markets include reality shows like Dancing with the Stars and X Factor or even The Bachelor. You can place wagers on who is going to win the prestigious Best Picture award at the Oscars. 

How about placing some wagers on who is going to win a competitive eating competition or a chess match? You can even place bets on rowing or Futsal competitions, skating, or water polo. 

Overall Review

The BetMGM app is easy to download and simple to set up. It is really well designed and has an excellent user interface so you can get to all the important parts of the system. 

When it comes to access to markets, the offering at BetMGM is really second to none – with great coverage of US and international sports as well as some really exciting and interesting niche options. 

The customer service is excellent, and it really is a one-stop app for all your gaming needs; the only thing that can be problematic with it is that it can be slow to load and lag a bit, especially with popular streams. 

It is well worth a download if you want some excellent bonuses and easy betting.

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