Technology’s Role in the Future of Customer Service

May 6, 2022

Having good customer service is pertinent to any company’s success and it can take them a long way. Technology, as we know it, plays a great supporting role in all areas of business processing, even in the customer service industry. Developments like chatbots, helpdesk software, website recording software, self-service, etc. are some of the ways that customers’ daily interactions with businesses are improved.

These daily interaction channels are improving every day for an enhanced customer service experience. Comcast Xfinity, which is one of the most widely available internet service providers in the US, has a Comcast customer service department to deal with all or any of the customer service queries including product/service availability, their pricing, payment info, installation, etc. Comcast’s exceptional service is available 24/7 to its subscribers with different social media channels, including Xfinity Assistant, a virtual assistant to assist you with the customers’ queries.

But it doesn’t end here, since technology is constantly changing.

Impact of Technology on the future of Customer Service

Following are some of the ways that the technology will impact the future of the customer service industry.

Video Conferencing.

Technology will close the gap between businesses and customers altogether. If businesses tap into the realm of videoconferencing communication with their customers, it can greatly improve their relationship and facilitate openness. In this state of communication, customers would easily trust someone they can see. 

Moreover, in the digital world, customers can have a physical examination of any product they are interested in. Hence, they don’t need to travel to the location just to examine the product.

Versatile Customer Service. 

Instant Messaging.

Email communication is fading out and is gradually being replaced by video communication and instant messaging. Customers prefer instant feedback and want customer service to be always online. Consider a communication channel like Facebook; it sends message notifications immediately and shows the online presence of each user. 

Technology will allow businesses to stay ahead of their customers’ needs by initiating instant messaging services.


Human beings cannot keep up with the intensity of having to deal with customer service round the clock. This is where AI (Artificial intelligence) in customer service comes in. AI includes computer programs that are designed according to the user interface where a robot performs tasks through existing knowledge. AI can respond to basic customer requests and also gauge their emotions as well. Hence, there will be less employee-to-customer communication in the future, and more AI interaction with the customers.

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Less Manual Tasks.

The growth of technology will not totally replace humans, but it will definitely pave way for a less hands-free approach to getting their jobs done. Humans can be free of redundant tasks and instead focus on supervisory roles. Each employee will have acquired specialized knowledge so that they can provide adequate support wherever it is required. As a result, technology will lessen the load on humans leading to less stress and more productivity. 

Global Presence.

With the digital growth, businesses are setting up an e-commerce presence so they can showcase their products and get them delivered without having to contact the buyer. This convenience is supported by all customer service channels, to help customers get their service or product from any place around the world.  


At the supermarket, there is little to no interaction between customers with the employee, however, there is some human interaction involved when they have to pay. However, the technology has introduced an approach to customer self-service, where customers can complete their transactions through the aisle without any human interaction. Self-service is a cheaper and more effective option provided through the use of technology.

Social Media Tools.

Social media has obviously provided empowerment to customers in praising or criticizing a brand, which holds a lot of weight on how a customer experience should be like. First-time customers would go through a list of reviews about any brands on social media before deciding to purchase from them.

Here, the technology is siding with the customers by allowing them to damage the reputation of any brand. Or they can also choose to uplift their reputation, it’s all in their hands. Hence, businesses and brands should monitor their customers on social media and work towards maintaining their reputation. 

Final Thoughts

What kind of technology any company uses or how they use it to their advantage is what will set them apart from their competitors. Technology is always changing and improving, and with it, the ways on how to provide an enhanced customer service experience. 

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