Is the Email Alert From “” a Scam or Legit?

February 2, 2023

Have you received a Facebook security mail from, and are now wondering if the email is a scam or legit?

If yes, you’re not alone, as many people have received this email from the security team at Facebook. In this case, your suspicion is valid because the contents of the email state your account will be suspended. 

This doesn’t seem legit, as phrases like these are commonly found in scam emails. With tactics like Mbc222 being within reach of hackers, you need to keep your account safe.

The email clearly states that you need to make changes to your account, or else it will get suspended. With a security alert this big, you should first make sure that the email is legit.

Lucky you are, we have addressed every aspect of this topic below. Make sure to read till the end, and you’ll know if you are being scammed and how to stay away from the Facebook jail.

Which Email Have People Received from

security facebook mail com

Facebook does send security-related emails to its users time after time, and these emails range from the updates Facebook has made to the security measures users can take. This gives many scammers a chance to send their fraud emails, and people fall prey to their schemes. 

Not being a scam, the email you and many others have received is a special security email. The email is sent only to the accounts with a large reach on the platform. This includes popular accounts/pages and also users who are running a group on Facebook. 

Overall, the Facebook security team email has nothing that would make anyone question its legitimacy, except one part of the email.

The reason why people think they are being scammed is that the email states their accounts may get locked if they don’t do what is written in the email.

The email only requires its users to do one thing, but only one action from your side is enough for a hacker to steal your personal data and even identity, and that’s why you need to be careful around emails like these.

What does The Email Demand from You?

Not being something big, the email advises users with massive reach on the platform to activate Facebook Protect, as they are likely to be a target of a cyberattack. 

While the email seems genuine, by the end, it loses its credibility, as it states users will lose their accounts if they don’t do what is asked. The urgency of the email also raises suspicion and makes people question, “is security facebookmail legit?”. 

On the other hand, the email only asks you to activate Facebook Protect for your account, and doing that is surely no big deal. Before you move forward, you should know what Facebook Protect is and what it does.

What is Facebook Protect? Is It Legitimate?

Facebook Protect

Facebook Protect is an identity protection feature that users can make their accounts more secure. Upon activation, Facebook Protect secures an account with two-factor authentication, and stronger security protocols, and takes special care when monitoring for potential hacking threats.

In this age of cyber threats, activating Facebook Protect can make a big difference. If you’re someone with an account that may get targeted by cybercriminals, then you should definitely activate Facebook Protect.

Facebook Protect, being a trustworthy security tool that benefits its users, further proves email legitimacy.

How to Activate Facebook Protect?

activate Facebook Protect

Since the security Facebook email is legit, and you have received it, you should now activate it on your account. Follow the process below to activate Facebook Protect:

  1. Log in to your Facebook Account.
    log in to your Facebook account
  1. Click on your Profile Picture from the home page.
    click on your profile picture from the home page
  1. Select Settings & Privacy.
    select settings & privacy
  1. Go to Security.
    go to security
  1. Now click on Security and Login.
    click on security and login
  1. Scroll to Facebook Protect and click on Get Started.
    security facebook mail com
  1. Click Next.
  1. Wait while Facebook Scans Your Account.
  1. See what Improvements you can make.
  1. Click on Fix Now.
    click on fix now

Make sure to finish the whole process, and your Facebook account will be better protected against cyber threats than before.

Is Legit or a Scam?

Facebook’s security team is, in fact, sending these emails to individuals who can be targeted by cybercriminals. If you have received this email, you should also protect your account from Facebook Protect.

The reason behind this is that Facebook has around 3 billion users, which means it has one of the largest databases available.

With each user just a day away from a cyber attack, Facebook is always updating its security protocol. Though this is good, most hackers use this opportunity to send their own emails to Facebook users, and many fall prey to their schemes.

Below, we have explained how to tell if the email you have received from Facebook is legit or a scam. We have also specified what you need to do after receiving a fake email, but first, you should see what might happen if you choose to ignore the email from Facebook.

Would You Lose Your Account if You Don’t Activate Facebook Protect?

As the email clearly states, without Facebook Protect, your account is at risk of a cyber-attack. So the right thing to do after receiving an email like this is to activate Facebook Protect.

Facebook account suspended

As you have seen above, the process of activating Facebook Protect is extremely easy, and it will hardly take more than a minute to do so. 

If you ignore the email as a phishing attempt, your account will be suspended, as stated in the email.

It was Facebook’s policy to suspend the accounts that failed to do what was advised. Though users can later recover their disabled accounts easily.

recover Facebook account

Users who had their accounts suspended would also receive a link on their phones, clicking which will allow them to recover their accounts.

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How to Know if Facebook has Sent You an Email?

security facebookmail legit

There is still a chance someone is scamming you with this email. Following the steps below, you can find out if Facebook’s security team has emailed you or not.

  1. Log In to your account.
  1. Click on the Profile Icon from the home screen.
  1. Go to Settings & Privacy.
    settings & privacy
  1. Select Settings.
    select settings
  1. Now select Security and Login.
    select security and login
  1. Go to Advanced.
  1. Select See Recent Emails from Facebook.
    see recent emails from Facebook
  1. Click on View.

There you can see if Facebook has sent you an email or not.

How to Detect a Scam Email?

You can also distinguish between an email that is legit and an email that is a scam.

Most importantly, you need to look at the email address. If the email is sent from then there is no need to worry, as this is the email used by Facebook for security-related matters. 

Another characteristic of an email sent by Facebook is that there will be no links in the email. If there are links in the email, then the email is not from Facebook. Under no circumstances should you click on the link, as it is a harmful link that can cause unnecessary problems. 

Though you don’t need to worry about Facebook, you need to be wary of hackers and scammers coming after you, but following these two tips, you can make sure you’re safe. 

What to Do if You Have Received a Scam Email?

If you are certain you have received a fake email, and you’re the target of a cyber attack, then don’t engage with the email. Doing what is written or clicking on any links from the email can cause heavy damage to your devices.

After making sure that you’re safe from any harm, you should contact cybersecurity services and let them know about this. By doing this, you can keep yourself safe and also prevent others from getting harmed by this.

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If It is Too Late?

If it is too late, and you have already fallen prey to a cyber attack, then take immediate actions that will minimize the damage. This includes contacting cybersecurity services and letting them know about this. 

If this is happening, then recovering your data should be your first priority. After you have secured your device and data, check if any changes have been made. Also, make sure no money has been taken out from your bank accounts.

There is no need to be scared of cyberattacks. The only thing you should do is make sure that you’re prepared for it. Below you can read how to stay safe on Facebook.

How to Stay Safe on Facebook?

There are a bunch of things you can do to keep yourself safe on Facebook, and most of them don’t require much effort. These are the basic guidelines you need to follow to stay safe on Facebook.

  1. Set a strong password.
  2. Don’t share your password with anyone.
  3. Don’t post anything offensive (you might get reported).
  4. Stay away from anyone suspicious.
  5. Report anything suspicious or harmful.

Alongside these, make sure you know who to contact in the event of a cyber attack. Doing this first will save you a lot of time later on.

Now that you know that security Facebook mail is legit, you can handle your account better.


Ans: The official security mail of Facebook is

Ans: Yes, is legit, and everything sent from this email is from Facebook.

Ans: Activating Facebook Protect doesn’t guarantee your account will be 100% safe from a cyber attack, but it will surely make your account more protected than before.

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