5 Signs You Have Too Much Caffeine

By Alex
November 17, 2022

If you simply cannot wake up without your morning cup of joe, you might be sharing this preference with a lot of other Americans. But even though caffeine helps alleviate your tiredness, its benefits often come with a price.

These side effects may range from sleeping issues to digestive problems. That is why you must consume caffeine in moderation and steer clear of its negative results. 

To help you stay on the good side of this common stimulant, here are five signs you have too much caffeine. 


Your Fingers and Hands Have Started Trembling

While coffee is rich with antioxidants, tea is known for reducing the risk of cancer. But on a general basis, you should not consume more than 400g of caffeine in the total beverages you drink a day. Otherwise, you may start experiencing side effects that you may not have thought of before. 

This includes finger and hand tremors that cause involuntary shaking and trembling even when you are not doing anything demanding. While the effect is minimal in many people, it is quite significant for others. If you have too much caffeine, it may also limit your ability to do dexterous tasks such as writing or drawing with your hands. 

You Cannot Sleep for More Than a Few Hours

For the average adult, sleeping for at least 6 hours a day is essential for mental well-being and physical health alike. But if you consume more than a generally modest amount of caffeine a day, sleepless nights and restless days might become a common occurrence. 

While you can use approaches such as a lavender massage bar to become calmer, controlling your excessive caffeine consumption would be the most effective way to resolve the issue at its core. Sometimes, even cutting down your evening energy drink may go a long way towards ensuring quality sleep.

Your Heart is Overworking Itself

It is unmistakable to ignore the kick you get at having your first sip of coffee in the morning. But this positive spring in your step only lasts with moderate caffeine consumption. If you are overdoing it with coffee, tea, energy drinks, or fizzy drinks, you may be elevating your heart rate for no good reason. 

This could cause various issues such as high blood pressure. As a result, the more caffeine you consume past your daily limit, the more your heart continues to overwork itself, and this could lead to frequent palpitations and discomfort. Keeping this in mind, consider using other tools to increase productivity and boost your activity in a healthy manner.

You are Affected by Heartburn

Similar to many other stimulants, having too much caffeine can result in harmful effects on a variety of essential organs. A prime example here is how caffeine affects your stomach by inducing the release of digestive acids. When you have a high dose of caffeine, the level of these acids also grows to the point of causing heartburn.  

If you find no other factor in your lifestyle that could bring about this symptom, you can consider your excessive caffeine intake as a culprit behind it. Besides cutting down on your caffeinated beverages, investing in a smart water bottle cap can also help you with hydration and reduce the feeling of heartburn.

You Have Developed a Constant Headache

Caffeine is considered an excellent booster for efficiency. But an abundance of caffeinated drinks can also reduce productivity by bringing about issues such as headache, restlessness, and a general feeling of unease. This not only makes it difficult for you to concentrate but also makes simple tasks seem impossible to accomplish. 

If you already use a habit training app, make a note of your caffeinated beverages and the effects you feel right after having them. This makes it easier for you to accept that you may have a caffeine problem. From there, you may feel more inclined to let go of excessive caffeine intake. 

After registering these signs, it can become clear to you how a high level of caffeine is affecting your mind, body, and life. This could be all the motivation you need to make this important lifestyle change.

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