6 Signs You Need to Update your Digital Workplace

December 5, 2022

Have you had a digital workplace for a while but believe it could be starting to show its age? We now rely on technology in order to carry out everyday tasks, and this is particularly true when it comes to working. With the rise of remote tasks and employees working from home, now could be the time to update your digital workplace to ensure efficiency and better collaboration between your team.

Of course, choosing a new digital workplace can be expensive and time-consuming. So, you probably want to ensure this is the right decision first. Here are six signs that it is time to take a leap and update your system.

There is No Collaboration

If your team is working on big projects and with important clients, you have to ensure that there is collaboration. After all, everyone is going to bring something different to a team and has their own knowledge and experience. But, if you notice that there is a lack of collaboration happening at your organization, this is not a good sign. You have to try to figure out what is going wrong.

Well, it could be the digital workplace you have. This system might not allow your team to collaborate effectively on tasks. If they cannot communicate and share ideas, this can affect the end result of a project. So, if you want to try a new digital workplace, you should take a look at Clear People. This is a company that can help you with a digital workplace and intranet, which can assist your team. When you book a demo, you are going to be able to see whether this is the right system for you and your team.

Research is Taking Hours

It is normal for employees to spend a few hours each day carrying out research. But, if this is becoming something that is taking all day and extended amounts of time, then there could be something wrong. This is particularly true if staff is working on similar projects to the past.

A reason that this might be happening is that you have an outdated or hard-to-use digital workplace. Perhaps employees do not know how to find the information they need and are not using the system in place. This can lead to inefficiency and repeat tasks. To change this, you can look into investing in a new digital workplace. This is going to improve working conditions and ensure everyone has what they need.

It is Too Complicated

Is the design of your digital workplace too complicated to use? Often, you start by selecting a workplace you believe is the best. But, when it is up and running, you soon realize that it does not operate how you think it would. Alternatively, you might like the setup, but your staff does not.

Well, the truth is, if your digital workplace is not easy to use, then it is not going to be used to its full potential. You will not realize the collaboration, communication, and knowledge-sharing benefits it can have. So, if the design is too complicated, give up and update your digital workplace.

Everyone Uses Email

If you have a digital workplace and employees are still choosing to use email, there is something wrong with the system. A good digital workplace is going to allow for easy communication and collaboration. Email can be clumsy and cause problems. But, if staff is choosing to use it, they clearly do not like the alternative.

So, perhaps it is time to change your digital workplace if everyone in the organization is using email. You can have a better system where instant messaging is available with fewer distractions for your team.

Home Working is Difficult

Over the last few years, employees have realized that it is possible to work from home. Companies were forced to adapt to the circumstances and this meant that teams had to operate from home. Indeed, since then, employees have demanded that remote working remains an option for them.

But, if you have noticed that home working is difficult for your team, this could be down to your digital workplace. This is supposed to be somewhere that assists employees and allows them to do their job. A simple update can mean that home working becomes more efficient and effective.

High Staff Turnover

Now, you may be thinking, what do high staff turnover rates and an outdated digital workplace have to do with each other? Well, the answer is potentially quite a lot without you realizing it. You may be puzzled as to why your staff wants to leave and how your turnover rates have increased over the last few years. But, times are changing, and perhaps you have not been keeping up.

Indeed, we rely on technology, and perhaps your digital workplace is not providing all of the tools your team needs to stay engaged and do their work. As a consequence, this can lower their job satisfaction. So, if you have high staff turnover, an update might be just what you need.

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