Skilled Labour Hire: A Reliable Workforce Solution In Brisbane

February 8, 2022

Brisbane is one of the major growing industrial areas in construction, manufacturing, mining, retail, government, finance, education, and transport. More than half of the employment offered by Brisbane is in the areas of construction, manufacturing, mining, government, health, and retail, which are labour-intensive. With the growing population investment attraction across Queensland, skilled laborers have a high demand to work in all sectors. Recruitment agencies provide labour-hire in Brisbane to bridge the gap and connect employers with suitable employees.

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Labour Hire Services vs Self Hiring

Hiring laborers for new roles in a company, temporary or permanent, can be a tedious task. There are usually multiple steps in the process of hiring a recruit. It starts with writing a job description, posting it on various portals, and waiting for candidates to apply for the role. Following this, numerous resumes have to be scanned and narrowed down to the suitable candidates for the interviews. One must fix dates to conduct one or more rounds of interviews to assess them via face-to-face talks or phone calls. The process ends with finding the right candidate for the job among the applicants and offering them the job.

The process is great if the company has enough time to go through the process. However, it is especially tedious if it is for a temporary position. More often than not, companies have projects with strict deadlines to follow, and they cannot waste time and resources on the hiring process. It is highly time-consuming, laborious, expensive, and unreliable as there are chances that the finalized candidates might not even accept the job.

Consulting a hiring agency can be a great advantage as they take care of the whole process. They take care of the advertisement, selection, background checking, vetting and the admin work related to hired labourers. Skilled labourers who would be right for the job will be available instantly for hire. Through this, the company can focus on its business growth, development, and project implementation.

How Do Various Industries Benefit from Labour Hire in Brisbane?

1. It Provides A Great Variety of Labourers

Labour hire is popular in construction, engineering, warehouse, and hospitality, for roles in logistics, trades and services, sales, manufacturing, HR, administration, accounting and more. Considering the varying roles, projects, and economies, hiring companies accommodate the changing needs and allow companies to get in touch with laborers from various fields.  

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2. It Allows for Workforce Flexibility and Timeliness

In the construction, mining, and warehouse industries, there usually are peak seasons when the production and labor are high. Most house constructions in Brisbane start in March, to beat the heat of the summer and cold of the winter. During these times, they would want temporary labourers who can fill in. Companies can hire them for that period through hiring companies, and they can be retained or relieved based on the workforce requirement.

3. It Provides Qualified Candidates

Some large-scale projects and events require the consultation of specialized and skilled workers for engineering work, logistics, and accounting. The demand for a talented workforce is increasing in Australia, on the whole. Labor hire allows for the companies to appoint trained laborers in the fields. They can use their expertise and skills to ensure the project’s demands and the clients are satisfied.

4. It Saves Time and Resources

Labour hire agencies to provide skilled and unskilled blue-collar workers for temporary (short-term) or permanent (long-term) positions across various industrial sectors. It takes care of recruiting and employee management like payroll, sick leave, compensation, training, superannuation, etc.

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For companies looking for labour hire in Brisbane, reliable agencies are available online whose services are readily available.

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