Sports and Betting as One

November 16, 2022

The development of organized sporting leagues and associations has been linked with the practice or dynamics of betting. As a result, the sports industry has benefited to the extent that a complementary good or practice also stimulates the demand for the main interest in the sport.

However, online sports betting also presents several risks. For instance, match-fixing has been present in the world of sport since the 18th century. Since the turn of the millennium, the volume of sports betting activity worldwide has increased the need for more sophisticated data such as top NBA picks, sports trends, and predictions.

The Bright Side

This immense growth in sports betting popularity has been supported by the introduction of online technology, which has also enabled and allowed for extensive levels of product innovation. 

Among this new array of products, live betting is one of those unique complements of the sports betting world that has had a relevant impact on how bettors approach wagers. A substantial and growing proportion of betting now takes place during the match, rather than before.

Some can argue that these developments have amplified the potential benefits derived from sports betting. Yet, they have also impacted the costs in terms of the prevalence of fraudulent match-fixing practices. Moreover, match-fixing poses a commercial threat to sports as it has the potential to undermine trust between consumers and sponsors.

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Live betting is part of the sporting event itself, as one depends on the other. Major companies have expanded their range of products to offer television broadcasting or online streaming services, which major sportsbooks have also adopted. Some companies, such as BetUS, have kept a fresh selection of picks and parlays for users. 

This means that complementing each other in terms of the consumption of sports and betting is more significant than before. This could be viewed as potentially beneficial for the sport and the industry. However, live betting is just one of the examples available in the industry of how specific markets have not only expanded in terms of the product offer but have thrived from the sports industry. 

Therefore, the sports industry has gained the opportunity to rejoice in some of those investments that have now drifted to major franchises. These have turned into new sources of investment to open new sporting facilities, amplify the range of sponsorship, and allow certain leagues to develop. 

The Imminent Threat 

On the other hand, the evolution of betting has intensified the risks to integrity, uncovering an unprecedented number of match-fixing cases. Such cases have hit cricket, football, and tennis. Money laundering has also affected other sports because of larger schemes to fix outcomes and results. So, although users might be looking only for top NBA picks today, they might also encounter the side effects of the negative impact. 

Some leagues worldwide have also become dependent on the involvement of the betting industry to continue as a competent sports structure. This means that more than just a complementary industry, sports betting has become a pillar of finance for some sports franchises. 

The issue is not related to the practice itself. Yet, more about the degree to which dependency has become the main link between financial sustainability and the sports franchise itself. This implies that a crack in the system could severely affect the sports industry if it were to start showing in the betting industry first. 

From a financial standpoint, the sports betting industry has become a significant supporter of the sports industry. This has allowed both sides to thrive. Yet, dependency could become an issue in the future, and many financial experts predict that the risk is only circumstantial. That means a series of individual factors would need to occur for a major breakdown on both ends. 

There are always two sides to every story. To experts, it’s all about how both industries can balance their future growth and sustainability. A balance between both sectors is vital for developing the two industry giants.

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