When Do Users Start Preparing for the Holidays?

By Alex
December 7, 2021

The audience’s interest in purchasing gifts and souvenirs increases sharply on the day of the holiday itself and during the week after. This trend is relevant for user behavior during the Christmas holidays.

Therefore, we advise you to start broadcasting ads two to three weeks before the holiday so that users learn about the product and remember it. Next, you can set up retargeting to an audience that is interested in the product and offer a product or service at a discount.

If you run an account of your own online store of some products, then during this period you will not have to buy Instagram followers because people who will soon need to buy gifts will follow you. However, still you can read- Trollishly Simple Hacks to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Context targeting

Today, in search of a suitable gift, people use not only a search engine but also social networks, marketplaces, and classifications. Search query targeting allows you to reach a hot-demand audience that has already been interested in a particular product or service.


  • Use a keyword list not only with your product categories but also with those of your competitors. This is especially effective if the product is not known on the market, but there is a competitive manufacturer whose brand awareness among users is higher.
  • In addition, provide a list of phrases in the format “gift for Christmas“, “gift for Valentine’s Day up to $50”, “buy perfume as a gift”, “buy a gift for a man”, etc., since users may not search for a specific product, but possible options and offers of gifts on the Internet.
  • Place contextual advertising in your store account, if you have one. In this case, you will save on having to buy real Instagram followers because the users themselves will be interested in your profile.

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Mobile traffic

In our experience, mobile traffic grows significantly during the holiday periods in February and March. Users are less likely to log in from computers or laptops, so we recommend using mobile formats when creating advertisements.

Night shoppers

In addition, we noticed that gifts are bought not only during the day. A large number of users, especially in metropolitan areas, are looking for suitable options late in the evening and at night. Therefore, we advise you to leave the broadcast of advertising during the night period.

Reach local audiences

It is not necessary to offer your product as a gift to all users from the USA or New York. Show your ad to audiences who live close to your store or are often in the area, such as for work. What to consider in creatives?

Before the holidays, the flow of sending advertisements for moderation increases — everyone strives to be in time for the conversion period. This delays the start of campaigns, so we advise you to send ads for review in advance and set a start date for ads. In addition to the delay in moderation due to high demand, there is an increase in the number of ads in which creativity crowds out the meaning. 

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