How to Stay Motivated Throughout Your UPSC Exam Preparation?

September 1, 2023

You must be excited about the upcoming UPSC Prelims, but the fear of appearing for the exam can be real. You will be pursuing your goals and doing all in your power to get through to the UPSC exam paper, and the interview will essentially keep your motivation high. 

Exam preparation for the civil service looks like an enormous effort. The course material is extensive and varied. A successful candidate is not only better prepared but also able to maintain motivation levels throughout the application process. Continue reading for more advice on how to stay motivated until you accomplish your main objective.

Consider that by passing the civil services exam; you will have the chance to accomplish precisely that if you want to alter the system, serve your nation and its citizens, and utilize your abilities to help your country advance. Your motivation to advance will increase once your objective is firmly in place. Consider the advantages for both you and society. 

One can easily download the past years’ UPSC question paper PDF and know the exact topic that you must include in your preparation. While you do this, it is important that you stay motivated and keep your energies high. 

Top Tips to Keep Your Motivation High During UPSC Exam Preparation

Alongside having the best online classes for UPSC preparation, long-term motivation is necessary if one wants to succeed on the Civil Services test. Discover some of the best advice for maintaining motivation while studying for the UPSC test in the sections below.

Push Yourself

Your efforts must match your aim. Remind yourself that nobody will do your studying for you. You must be strong and support yourself if you want to succeed. Don’t wait for outside influences, and stop putting things off. The secret is to be self-motivated. Without it, you won’t be successful. You are the only person who has the ability to make the seemingly impossible endeavor a reality!

Enjoy Your Preparation Phase

If we love learning, it becomes less of a chore and more of a pastime. Pick topics in which you actually have an interest. Arouse interest in subjects that you don’t already know much about. Have the desire to learn. Studying shouldn’t be viewed as a chore but as an opportunity to learn. You can stay motivated to keep going by being curious. 

Don’t Compare Yourself with Anyone

This is the most important reality and the secret of happiness. You will become gloomy, dejected, envious, and even angry if you compare yourself to your friends and other rivals. And your actions will inevitably reflect this. A persona is unique, and you should believe this. Discovering your strengths can help you overcome your weaknesses and serve as your greatest advantage. 

Cut away from all the potential sources and detriments. Negativity could occasionally find a way to slowly encroach, but you must be vigilant and keep your attention on your long-term objective!

Ditch Distractions

Browse the internet to learn more rather than following your pals on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms for social media. Keep in mind that you are writing history, and social media will only serve to distract you from your true objective.

Spending a lot of time in your study room would be necessary to prepare for the IAS tests. Make sure your space is tidy and cheerful. Maintaining motivation for studying is greatly aided by being in the correct “mood.” Ensure adequate lighting and cozy seats. A poster of your idol or a motivational quote should be displayed on the front board.

Reward for Achievements

If you finished a chapter ahead of schedule or did well on the practice exam, reward yourself. The perfect reward for females would be to go shopping for a new book, outfit, or pair of shoes, while boys can get themselves a nice watch that can also come in handy later. 

Once you start with the UPSC exam syllabus for prelims, it is best to align your schedule and set deadlines. Achieving these milestones can be extremely motivating and push you to continue on your journey.

Have a Positive Outlook

In every circumstance, you should remain optimistic. Smile when you fail because it helps you learn a new lesson and recognize your faults. Failure increases one’s vigilance while making mistakes and brings you closer to excellence. Therefore, you should maintain your positive outlook and joy, knowing that whatever happens will undoubtedly contain some good.

Happiness is a byproduct of gratitude and serves as a significant source of motivation. Be thankful for your blessings, and let those that help you know how much you appreciate them.

If nothing else, learn from the greats, such as your favorite businessperson, sports hero, or even former civil service aces. Check out what they said or did. Even for just a few minutes, watch an inspiring video. You may be inspired to start over as a result.

Schedule & Targets

Set a schedule for your curriculum after dividing it into its stages. Maintain a backup location for weekend revisions. Make sure to adhere to it completely and never allow interruptions to disrupt your schedule. On weekends, you might arrange brief get-togethers with your buddies.

By hitting little goals, your motivation will be significantly increased. Setting and attaining short-term objectives can give you a lot of confidence and make the difficult preparation process much easier.


Before the last stage, the personal interview, prepare for at least six months and keep up with current events. You never know; you could be questioned about that day specifically to determine whether or not you read the newspaper.

You can opt for dedicated online classes for UPSC prelims that help you prepare in the right direction and make the most of the resources provided. The faculty will also help you navigate through the initial challenges and streamline your preparation. 

Last but not least, before the test, seek God’s blessing, the blessing of your parents, and the blessing of your professors. These blessings have the ability to change your luck since they serve as lucky charms for you.

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