9 Steps To Planning Your New Kitchen

February 8, 2022

Kitchens come in all sizes and forms, but one thing is for sure; they are the heart of many homes. This is the place that we find ourselves gravitating towards, whether we are hungry or not. So, it’s essential that it is planned well. Planning your new kitchen depends not only on your style preference but also on your needs and your budget. To help you out in your journey, here are 9 steps from All Bay Builders to help you plan the kitchen of your dreams.

1. Assess Your Needs

A kitchen is not like any other room in yo ur home. Most people prefer custom kitchen designs. Since everyone has unique needs, it is important to assess your lifestyle and determine your current needs and what you might need out of your kitchen in the future. This will give you a rough idea of what to include and not to in your kitchen design.

2. Research

Creating ideas from scratch can be a problem for most, and that is where research comes into play. You can see different kinds of kitchen layouts, appliances, and color schemes from professional kitchen designers through research. These inspirations will help you develop your spin on these designs and enable you to get the look you desire. 

3. List Down the Features You Want

After going through a few resources and getting ideas of what your ideal kitchen should contain, it is time to put these ideas down to paper. This list will come in handy when setting up a budget and the layout of your kitchen project.

4. Create A Budget

While it is understandable to want the latest tech and exquisite finishes in your kitchen, setting a realistic budget will ensure you only have what you need. Your budget should cover the main aspects of your kitchen, which include:

  • Appliances – Would you want them brand new or second-hand? Do you prefer smart appliances?
  • Worktops – Do you want an island layout with a sink or a sink on the wall?
  • Labor – Include the cost of installation, plumbing, wiring, and decorating.

5. Design A Layout

Draw up a design of how you would want your kitchen to be laid out. This should include:

  • The shape of the kitchen layout
  • Where sink will be
  • Where the storage would be
  • If the kitchen has a sitting area, where would you want it
  • Where the stove, fridge, the oven would be

To ensure you get this part correct, imagine yourself using your new kitchen and how comfortable you need to operate it. This will give you a picture of where everything is supposed to be for you to be efficient in the kitchen.

6. Decide on Your Color Scheme

Designing your new kitchen does not have to be stressful, and since this is the space that you will spend most of your time in, it is necessary to decide on the color scheme that best suits your taste. You can go as wild or as simple as you want in choosing the best mood for your cooking experience.

7. Consider Lighting

Depending on your kitchen style, the most important thing you will need is lighting. Having enough lighting for both cooking and entertaining is mandatory to ensure that your kitchen is both safe and inviting. You should always choose practicality over aesthetics but sprinkling a bit of personality can make your kitchen livelier. 

8. Consider Storage

The kitchen will always need a place to store stuff, be it food, appliances, or any other miscellaneous thing you can think of. You can either plan for an overhead storage area with cabinets over the worktop’s storage underneath the worktops or even both. 

9. Seek Professional Help

It is important to hire a designer and find out their opinion on the plan of your kitchen.  A good home remodeling company will give you a fresh and professional perspective when you need a kitchen that not only functions but is aesthetically appealing.

Planning a new kitchen can be exhausting but it is worth it in the long run as it will allow you to have an easier time completing your project. A good plan will also guide your budget and the time that your project will take.

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