10 Stunning Designs of Railings Made of Steel and Iron for Your Home

Remodeling your house and needing a stylish new staircase? Try wrought iron. Staircases that are made of wrought iron are a great option because the metal is strong but can be shaped into beautiful, unique patterns.

Stair railings are more than just a safety feature; they elevate the aesthetic value of a staircase, turning it into a piece of art. Metal stair railings allow for nearly infinite customization options. So go contact your metal railing supplier now and start your staircase renovation with these 10 stunning designs.

Wrought Iron Railing Designs

Ornate Staircase Railing

When seeking a classically regal appearance, wrought iron is without question your best option. The intricate wrought-iron railings add a sense of grandeur to the already impressive range of this stairway.

Balcony Wrought Iron Railing

The intricate pattern of the wrought-iron railing on your balcony lets you see the beautiful view through it completely. You could also add some shadow play on the ground for additional characters. Aside from this, you can also opt to combine handmade wood and wrought iron. This combination could create something truly magnificent.

Balcony Modern Iron Railing Design

Black and white are the most classic color combinations, and they will instantly update any room in your house. The black, polished iron balcony railing is a nice contrast to the all-white, bohemian-style decor. In contrast to the curvy iron railings that we usually see, this kind of design is simple and sleek, two hallmarks of contemporary balcony railing designs.

Bold Staircase Grill Design

When trying to make a space stand out, it’s not always necessary to try something completely new. A traditional iron metal would be ideal for the railing; when combined with a bright red hue, the design of your railings will be given a new twist. The crimson railing, moreover, is a welcome splash of color against the white and blue wooden steps.

Zigzag-Shaped Iron Stair Railing Design

Can’t stand the way most grills look like an ascending staircase? A zigzag-shaped iron fence is a great way to increase the decorator appeal of your home. The stone pillars and iron fences make for a beautiful stylistic contrast, and the floral designs only serve to up the ante on the aesthetic value. The end product is a stylish and distinctive railing for the stairwell.

Steel Railing Designs

Balcony Steel and Glass Railing Design

Steel and glass combine to create a modern minimalist look that is easy to maintain and always looks good. Glass panels enable an exquisite panorama of the surrounding landscape. Moreso, stainless steel works wonderfully with contemporary styles. This white staircase with wooden treads is set off beautifully by the parallel rods that run perpendicularly across it.

Industrial-Looking Modern Staircase Railing Designs

The black powder coating and metal mesh treads on this kind of steel stairway design give it a sleek, industrial appearance. Industrial design is long-lasting and budget-friendly because of its emphasis on simple, straight shapes.

Curved Balcony Steel Railing Design

The curved steel fence design is a great choice if you want to give your home’s exterior a modern look. The curved steel railing matches the design of the building and makes the terrace look bigger and nicer. They are a great example of a modern steel balcony railing style that is both simple and useful. 

Staircase Steel and Glass Railing Design

The use of glass and steel in railing designs for both balconies and staircases has become quite popular in the interior design industry. In all honesty, it’s not hard to figure out why.

The glass railing is a popular choice for modern settings because of how classy it looks. A handrail made of steel is useful, while a handrail made of glass is elegant enough for a graceful staircase. Glass panels look nice and make it seem like there is more space, which makes them a great choice for a stairway railing in a small house or apartment.

Staircase Luxurious Gold Design

We present to you the pinnacle of handrail elegance. The traditional marble stairway is complemented by a black and gold-polished steel railing decorated with knuckle-like details. The railing is substantial and pleasant to hold, and its dark stain gives the staircase an air of gravitas. What a sophisticated addition to your hallway!

Choose Wrought Iron Railings For Your Staircase—Get in Touch With Us

For indoor stairs, wrought iron railings are sturdy, attractive, and a great investment. Superior to other materials, it is able to withstand stress and general use with little to no degradation. If your staircase sees a lot of foot activity or children, this is the handrail design for you.

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