What Technology Would You Invest in If You Won the Lottery?

February 8, 2022

Technological advancement has blanketed society with its fascinating and attractive innovations. But these innovations are soon taken over by upgraded versions or a better substitute within a couple of years, leaving you stunned with an asset or gadget you own fading away from its life. Imagine yourself holding an iPhone X at a party in the era of iPhone XII. Owning an advanced device can be counted as a necessity or a luxury as it fulfills your need and defines your class. What if you consider accommodating both the factors within your lifestyle and opt for the technological gadget or innovations that are considered the most elite in the world?

Looking onto the other side of the coin, let’s dive into the more profound aspect and consider that such an investment might sound fruitful in the future. A convenient medium to secure your future from massive expenditures set across the path of your life. Consider how Amazon became a company that started worth $100 in 1997 and now sits on a throne of $ 500 million. You hardly remember buying a pair of boots with the same price from the wall mart that is hardly found in your wardrobe. Although it’s a hard pill to consume, at the same time, an individual could do a reality check to regard in your practice. Technology being the second most effective medium to secure your future after real estate, demands some core concerns, backup research, and risk analysis. You won’t be giving a second thought while investing in a property as you know that it won’t depreciate until exceptional circumstances like a flood or earthquake. Still, you should need multiple suggestions for investing in the technologies that should sound fruitful as it carries a high risk of depreciation and hit by an upgraded version of the same module. Some of them are briefly discussed below.

Electric Cars 

There is no doubt over the fact That Tesla has emerged out sufficiently from scratch, passing rapidly through your present and has now been roaming in the future with its advanced technology-produced electric cars. Along with Tesla, other companies are geared up in producing Electric cars as they have analyzed the need for electric vehicles is getting increased in the market post to Tesla. In a world where smart appliances have taken over a decade, such an innovation took quite a time to strike it in the technological industry. But as for now, it has emerged as the most potential investment in the technological world. This might be pretty heavy on your pockets, but if you win the lottery and plan to get overnight success and fortune with lottery. Investing in an electric car should be your primary approach. 

E-Learning Portals 

This technology is already in hype for its massive turnover of around $171 billion recorded in 2019; Moreover, E-commerce marketing has been gathering considerable attention for it exceeding profits over the market without observing a minor plunge in the sales or ROI. A high percentage of the audience has been witness to getting affiliated with the E-commerce portals since 2015, making competition much more challenging for the newcomers in such a scenario. Investing in E-learning Portals to have a potential grasp over its comprehensive information would be a great initiative. With such an approach, you would not only get the ownership of a particular Technology but will always be showered with the new technological advancements that are essential for being proactive to survive in Ecommercing. 

Health Tech 

The need for Health and medicines is not bound for any introduction, especially not after the prevailing situation of the pandemic that has recently emerged. But apart from the cons that the world has faced, A majority of health tech technology owners were resting on the couch with a slice of pizza, as for their spontaneous instinct to invest in Health techs before the pandemic. Although these big pieces of machinery are pretty high on your pockets, they would shower you with some funds and a badge to serve a nation simultaneously. Sponsor an installation of Health Tech machines in hospitals and earn a profit daily.

3D Printers 

3D printers are the trending gadget that has been popular among the industries these days. Within a short span, it has emerged to be installed within your factory with excellent efficiency. 3D printers are pretty heavy on pockets, too, but investing in them at this point might sound a productive decision as this not only increases the functionality of your workflow but brings enhancement to your outcome giving you a standout in the competitive market. A significant class of audience is keen to own this technology to increase their operations efficiently.

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