How Much Does It Cost to Make a Vinyl Banner?

March 28, 2022

Vinyl banners are essentially the most cost-effective advertising tools any business can employ.

But when researching prices, always read the fine print, and compare with others.

Sometimes you’ll come across such Google ads as “$15 banner sale,” an offer that seems like a lifetime deal.

But as they say in the streets, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is, so don’t jump on it head-first without getting all the details.

What size does the $15 cover? Are the finishing options included in the price?

Perhaps a rule of thumb where the pricing of the vinyl banner is based on the cost of the supplies, plus a markup of 30% exists. But in most cases, this is not always what happens in the market.

Whatever the case, good-quality banners can drive thousands of dollars into the business, and it is worth investing in. Therefore, don’t skimp on anything if you can help it.

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Factors That Determine the Price of Vinyl Banners

An interested party often wants to know the average cost of vinyl banners, but the answer is not always straightforward. There are several factors to ponder.

Of course, a homebuilder doesn’t give you a straight answer to “how much would it cost to build a home?” Instead, they ask more questions like the floor size, amenities, type of roofing before they provide an answer.

It’s much the same with vinyl banners.

Square Feet

From a printer’s viewpoint, the number of square feet the banners will be is the most important.

Typically, $8.00 per square foot is the industry standard for digitally-printed banners.

But shouldn’t the price be less when the printer didn’t have to customize multiple vinyl colors?

Indeed, when there are multiple identical banners, the printer can load the file and run without so much input. This translates to time savings, and the cost isn’t so much as when printing different designs.

The printers pool through when the banners are identical and not five feet long. For lengths of more than five feet, the printer may need to stop midway from installing another roll of banner material.

The printer will need more time processing and producing several different designs, say 15 different vinyl banners. The cost will therefore be a little higher than the typical.

Remember that a full-color and well-designed vinyl banner has a significant value to a business. Full-color graphics means using vinyl banners to reinforce other marketing campaigns, such as outdoor advertising, television, and the web.

Strength of the Vinyl Banner

The core strength of the vinyl banner is nylon fabric.

However, the weaving can affect the appearance and the smoothness of the graphics. This means the cost can vary based on this alone.

Banner Weight

How heavy the banner also depends on the price.

PVC patches or the heavyweight vinyl banner substrates can weigh anything between 9 ounces and 22 ounces.

A 13 oz. Per square yard are the standard vinyl banners, although others like eight oz., ten oz., 12 oz., 14 oz., and 15 oz are also common; This does not mean you will not come across a 19 oz. or a 21 oz. banner.

Regardless, all the different weights will have varying costs.

Design Fee

There are different vinyl banner designs, and the rates vary based on the market.

It’s usually a minimum flat fee of $75 or $25 per hour. The pricing is, in most cases, a function of the location. Shop around your area to know the standard price.

Single-sided/ Double-sided Print

Whether the banners will be single or double-sided also determines how much you pay.

The mesh banner is a breathable interlaced fabric or weave and usually allows air to pass. These are more durable than the typical vinyl banners.

The vinyl fabrics are heavy-duty, can be printed on both sides, and usually have a block-out layer to protect the sides. The lighter materials are printed on one side and then sewn together.

Typically, the single-piece material printed on both sides is often cheaper, but other factors include the required printing science.

So how much would it cost to make a vinyl banner?

You need to provide a few other specifics to get a reasonable estimate from a printer. But make sure your printer choice has a reputation for doing a good job. You owe your business as much.

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