Why Everyone Needs a Pair of Blue Light Glasses

November 15, 2022

Thanks to the digital era we live in, almost every one of us happens to spend a considerable amount of time in front of our computer screens. While it’s a pastime for some and a matter of livelihood for a few, there’s no hiding that these digital devices are harming at an alarming level. 

But how? 

These smart devices (essentially the screens) emit blue rays that harm the eyes. This is where the Blue light glasses step into the picture. But what are these glasses, and why does everyone need one? Let’s find out! 

What are Blue Light Glasses?

Blue-light glasses have lenses that block out a specific range of light waves released by the sun and eliminate it significantly by electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Although it increases alertness and concentration during the day, blue light is not intrinsically detrimental. 

However, it prevents melatonin from being naturally produced at night. Companies claim that these glasses can help reduce the overall exposure by 20%. These glasses significantly reduce eye strain, improve sleep, and possibly even avoid retinal damage.

Besides, there are other advantages of opting for these blue light glasses. Let’s explore more of it in the following section.

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Advantages of Blue Light Glasses

Increased Synthesis of Melatonin

A hormone called melatonin aids in regulating your body’s daily cycle. Your body produces melatonin as the sun goes down, and when exposed to sunlight, these levels fall. However, man-made blue light obstructs our bodies’ normal melatonin levels’ ascent and descent. 

Utilizing blue light glasses can help your body maintain healthy melatonin levels, which is one of its many advantages. This guarantees you enough sleep and makes it easier to fall asleep at night.

Limit the Release of Cortisol

Like melatonin, cortisol is a hormone that affects several body processes, regulating blood sugar and blood pressure. It is also known as the “stress hormone” since it is released in more significant quantities while you are under stress. 

Early in the day, cortisol is produced, and over the day, its levels decrease. Wearing blue light glasses also helps you control your cortisol levels, which might fluctuate due to continuous exposure to blue light.

Helpful for People Working in Shifts

According to research, shift workers, especially those who work the night shift, are very susceptible to fluctuations and interruptions of the circadian rhythm. Their chance of developing a range of serious ailments, including heart disease, cancer, obesity, digestive issues, etc., may rise. 

Blue light blocking eyewear offers several advantages. Shift workers can control their internal body clocks and guard against deadly diseases by wearing blue light-blocking eyewear.

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Prevent Macular Aging

When the macula, a portion of your retina, is harmed, it can cause age-related macular degeneration or AMD. Although they lose their central vision, people with AMD still have adequate peripheral vision. 

This implies that they cannot discern minute details when gazing at objects up close or far away. AMD can have various reasons, but prolonged exposure to blue light increases your risk of developing the illness. Artificial blue light reaches your retina through your eyes. Benefits from blue light filter glasses include the ability to lessen these issues.

Now You Know!

Blue light glasses aren’t only a fashion statement but a necessity that must be adhered to! Therefore, if you haven’t already, buy yours from established brands like SmartBuyGlasses UK today!

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